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You can’t compare apples and oranges, they’re just not the same thing and either is branding and marketing.

At its core, branding is who you are.
Marketing is how you build awareness.


To sum it up; Branding is the reason someone buys. Marketing is the reason someone thinks of buying.

You can’t market your way out of poor branding.

If you have a business you already have a brand and your customers are having a brand experience. When they interact with you, your website, your social media channels, your products, services... this is their brand experience. So, if you're not strategically branding your business it will get branded for you!

Branding is a perception. Simply put, your brand is the thought people have about you. Your brand strategy lays the foundation for how your business is perceived. Shaping those perceptions influences behavior. Behavior impacts your bottom line.

Without a professional brand strategy, that clearly defines your brand positioning, it doesn’t matter how much money you throw into marketing, every penny of it will be wasted if your brand identity is not clear. 

Ready to consider yourself BRANDED

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