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I use the principles of integrated creative brand marketing to foster connective experiences. From digital to print, everything aligns your vision, and strategy together to attract the right people and keep your brand as their preferred choice — all supported by seamless execution.

Website Design 

Social Media Branding

EBooks | Digital Brochures

Custom Images/Graphics

Branded Graphics 

Marketing Campaigns

Digital Products

Stationery | B-Cards

Postcards | Flyers 

Brochures | Posters

Signs | Banners

Ad Concepts + Design

Service Offers


Physical Space 

• Media Pack

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Barbara Lewers, 
Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

Helene has worked with me for the last 20 years on design projects both large and small, simple and complex. She has the ability to design with passion and insight while at the same time nailing the creative with the first try.


She always gave more than was asked – allowing the client to go off into dimensions they never thought possible, opening marketing possibilities not yet envisioned. ​She also was the graphic artist responsible for laying out the 2nd edition of “Being Direct,” Lester Wunderman's autobiography of the early years of direct marketing. The cover design was completely hers and gained approval the first time out of the box. 


She is a dedicated professional and a delight to work with.”


Robert Randell
Rapid Amino Acid Complex (RAC)

Incredibly professional, easy to work with … friendly, reliable and nice. Helene at "consider yourself BRANDED" does amazing, smart work. Consultancy that fills the gap between branding and social media, and marketing. 


More hands on than an ad agency, more brand insights. Perfect combination.

Jeanne Kiernan-.png

Jeanne Kiernan
In-Wear, Stark Advertising,  Wells Fargo

I’ve worked with Helene on many freelance projects – brochures, ads, posters and identity branding – and have always found her work to explore creativity while meeting the client’s needs. For over 20 years Helene Abrams has proved herself over and over again as a talented, creative professional! 

Helene works within both the creative and production budgets and is mindful of deadlines, putting in extra effort to get things just “right” and completed on time. Coupled with her creative skills, she is extremely knowledgeable of the production processes ensuring deliverables look as great in print as they do in layout. 

Hands-down, she is the most reliable and creative designer I’ve worked with and she never disappoints.

Get creative strategy-driven marketing with concepts your competitors won’t think of, designs with visuals that get double-takes, and clear messaging so your brand will compel and convert.


Ready to make your competition
irrelevant and your success inevitable?

Here are the other game-changing moves you will need to make...


1. Clarity and Direction

Brand strategy workshop + action plan that separates your business and gives it direction  


2. Branding
A distinct strategy-led visual
brand to influence perception & and recall. 

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