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The Visual Advantage


Visual Identity is the visual reflection of your brand. 

Your visuals need to complement your brand's narrative, which is why I only begin the visual brand identity once the brand positioning has been completed.

Informed by your brand strategy, I help translate what you are all about into your own, authentic identity that builds recognition, trust, and consistency for those you wish to reach—designing a powerful game-changing visual identity system that is both beautiful & and functional, but most importantly, "strategic" so it stays relevant over time.  

Logo Design:

Your logo should be designed to capture the essence of your company in a short and memorable visual. It is the single most used brand asset you will own and serves as an instantly recognizable symbol for your business. It acts as a shortcut for people to identify and remember the message behind your brand.

Color Palette:

When choosing a color palette for your brand, I think carefully about the message you want to communicate and the emotions you want to evoke. A carefully selected color scheme can help draw attention to your brand, increase recognition, and make it more memorable. It is also important to consider how colors work together to create balance, contrast, and hierarchy in design.


Color can also help guide customers through product lines and categorize different messages quickly. These are all things that are considered when building your color palette for your brand.


Typography is a crucial element of visual identity, being the closest-related graphic element to the brand’s message. Your brand’s typography helps to convey tone, style,and messages quickly. The right typography/type pairings can help create a sense of harmony in design and ensure brand recognition when done well. 


The right photographs and visuals will help bring your story to life and tie it to your brand’s larger narrative. By creating an imagery guide that you are able to reference you will be able to keep your brand consistent and authentically on-brand.


Iconography refers to all images and symbols appearing on your website and across your marketing paraphernalia. When used correctly, icons are a highly effective way to convey big ideas without using a single word.

Style Guide:

Consistency across your brand assets, regardless of the size or platform, is essential for growth and recognition.


You will either get an in-depth guidelines document or a brand style guide for setting clear standards and delivering a consistent visual identity. They combine principles, logo usage instructions, color palette, typography, and photography style into one comprehensive document. This helps everyone working with your brand – from freelancers to agency members to employees – ensure that everything they create is on-brand.

Get designs with visuals that get double-takes and messaging that will compel and convert at every customer touchpoint.


Everything is a story, and that's why copy and visuals are included in my brand identity service.

copy and visuals
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