consider yourself BRANDED


In today’s competitive world you need to be special. To be special you need to communicate your competitive edge. If you have a logo and / or website designed before you know what, who
and how you’re trying to communicate, you're just handing your potential customers over to your competition.


When you start with branding first, you can make confident, strategic decisions about every aspect of your business, that will extend to all your marketing.

Every business has something unlike any other business in the world: their own unique story. The trick is telling it in the right way to the right people. The best communications start with a branding strategy, not just a pretty logo and beautiful page layouts. More than just another service, "consider yourself BRANDED" delivers unique strategic brand positioning and then creates one-of- a-kind marketing that works across all media, bound together by creativity & design.

Let me help you clarify your vision and values, look at your existing data to determine the audience we’re talking to, and develop a brand tone and story that creates an emotional connection with your target customers. A compelling and consistent brand story is what converts your audience into passionate advocates who can’t wait to tell their friends about you!

When you “consider yourself BRANDED” you ensure that the experience people have with your brand – online and off –
will permeate all your communications and align consistently with your brand strategy, shifting your business from where you are now to where you want be by design.