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Gain Clarity and Direction 

I combine insight, strategy, and creativity to determine where your business is now, where you want it to go, and how you’ll get there. Then I give you the playbook to follow for every business and design decision made after. 


We turn challenges into opportunities by focusing on the internal workings and consider your services offering as they are natural extensions of your brand helping to differentiate your offering and position yourself to lead by defining your unique and ownable space.


We build the complete picture of current and prospective customers today and in the future: who they are and what really drives them, including demographics, attitudes, needs, and behaviors.


We map out your current and future competition, identify your competitive advantage, and then carve out a space in your market to position you for success.


We develop a brand identity with messaging that’s fit for purpose and crafted for connection. 



Join me for your custom-designed strategy workshops (via Zoom), designed to get you out of confusion to a renewed sense of clarity in a surprising fun, and enlightening way!

My strategy workshops dive deep into your world to understand your potential and possibilities.

Together we'll explore and discover opportunities your business hasn't thought of yet — and I'll help you act on those opportunities by blending insight, strategy, and imagination.

After the workshop, l will write a tailor-made Playbook outlining how you will reach your ideal audience and successfully grow your brand. 

My strategy workshops are custom-designed to fit each of my client’s schedules, so the number of sessions can range from 3- to 6, depending on your availability. 


What's Included: 

✔ Business Goals/Vision

✔ Brand Audit

✔ Service/Packages Audit

Business/Category Research

Competitive Research

✔ Market GAP/Brand Value

What's Inside: 

Ideal Customers/Clients

Brand Positioning

✔ Brand Personality and Identity

✔ Naming/Tagline

Brand Story/Messaging

✔ Service/Package Creation

✔ Visual Direction

Implementation Checklist 


No more imposter syndrome.

No more confusion and hesitancy.

No more superficial branding and marketing. 


No more spinning in circles doing things you don’t need to be doing.

Playbooks tailored to your specific business.


Workshop/Playbook purchased without full game plans are $5k. 

There's no obligation to use my other branding and marketing services however, if you choose a "Game Plan Package" then your Strategy Sessions and PLAYBOOK will be tailored to the "Package" of choice.

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