"consider yourself BRANDEDis rooted in the foundation
that brand strategy is what matters most. 

You might have a business strategy. You might even have a marketing strategy. But what sits in between both is your brand strategy. 

Skipping ahead to marketing without having brand strategy is the biggest most costly that mistake most people make. The first step to building a strong brand is starting with a strong foundation. 

Your website is your vehicle to carry your message to the world, but without a brand strategy fueling that vehicle, you will run out of juice. Because, once your website is up, your brand is still needs to market. Your marketing must match your brand values. (Everything about your brand, from the colors you use to the logo you choose to the language you speak, have to represent those values). When the two don’t align, your customers get confused and confused customers don't stick around.

Top Reasons Some Businesses fail 

  • Wasted time and money on logos and website that lack strategy.

  • Lack of long-term vision.

  • Not solidifying the brand identity and message.

  • Inconsistent creative.

  • Not understanding their ideal customer.

  • Service-to-market fit that is now outdated or never hit the mark.

What is a Brand Strategy?

  • What your brand stands for.

  • What promises your brand makes to customers.

  • What personality your brand conveys through its marketing.

Compared to things like your logo or marketing materials, creating your brand strategy can turn out to be the hardest thing to do and the smartest thing you will do, when it comes to marketing. It challenges you to go deep into yourself and also your business. Asking questions that all need very clear answers. 

  • Know why you are doing what you do; your purpose.

  • Know what your brand stands for, and what your brand’s story is.

  • Research and understand your customer.

  • Create an emotional connection. 

  • Do the right things consistently.

Your company logo and website may be the image you show the world, but they’re never more important than your brand strategy. These images only show the world what you look like, not who you are. Once you understand what you offer—your unique value proposition—you can then determine how to share that through design.

It’s that simple and that complex.

I help my clients to nail these things, and when they nail it, it not only moves their brand and understanding to a whole new level, it saves them time and money for years to come. 

I can assist you in either building your brand from the ground up, or breathing new life into your existing brand, making sure it’s consistently communicated at every touch point.

 Do you want to take your brand to that next level ? 

In order to do the all things above, you'll need to have a very good understanding of your competition, your unique selling point (USP) and of course, and the product or service that you are offering. 


For start-ups to clean-ups and everything in-between...

Whether you have a new project on your hands, or you’re looking for a longer-term design partner, or you need some brand coaching, 👩🏼‍💻 just fill out my client application below and I will be in touch soon, so I can find out more about your needs and how I can help you stand out 🙌

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