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I believe we are all born with a calling. But we are not given the game plan. My calling is simple, I aim to ensure you fulfill your calling by positioning you and your brand to win!


Brand Strategist | Visual Identity Designer | Marketing Designer | Dyslexic Thinker

About three decades ago, I acquired a degree in graphic design and advertising from Pratt Institute, and I've been doing it professionally ever since.

I consider myself very lucky that I connected with who I was

to what I wanted to do and what I was good at, early on in my life. I want to help you connect the best of you to your calling. 


Here's why I believe I can help you do just that!

How My Dyslexia Works For You.

I was born with something that sets me apart—a superpower deeply woven into the fabric of who I am and what my studio's foundation is built on. I was born with Dyslexia, a genetic difference in which the brain assesses information. This unique way of processing information is known as "Dyslexic Thinking" which means that I am wired to see things from many directions and angles all at once and think quickly through complicated concepts. This also allows me to see past unnecessary details to gain a strategic, much faster way of coming up with new perspectives, outside-the-box thinking, and problem-solving solutions most would never think of. 



From an early age, I overcame my learning difficulties by harnessing the power of my "Dyslexic Thinking" transforming what some saw as a disadvantage into my greatest strength.

Pratt Institute Grad.png

With dyslexia shaping my life path, I pursued a degree in graphic design and advertising from Pratt Institute after high school, where I graduated on the dean's list. 



The creativity in NYC became my professional playground and the catalyst for a well-rounded business journey.


I consider myself incredibly fortunate and grateful for the opportunities to hone my craft by working with the most remarkable talents and strategic minds in Manhattan in diverse industries, including Advertising, Beauty, Direct Marketing, Entertainment, Fashion, Financial, and Publishing. Collaborating with esteemed brands such as Avon, Christian Dior, Conair, Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Dreyfus, Emporio Armani, Guniot Paris, Hachette Publishers, Harper Collins Publishers, J.Crew, Sterling Publishers, and Wells Fargo.



In 2007, the financial crash changed everything. Witnessing countless individuals losing their jobs, I was inspired by a surge of people determined to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship. But it became evident that while many possessed passion and desire, they lacked the necessary strategy, design skills, and marketing know-how to build and grow as a sustainable brand on a competitive landscape in a financially worrying time. 


The passion and need I saw in people ignited my drive to guide and support these aspiring entrepreneurs

 So in 2008, "consider yourself BRANDED," was born to fuel their boundless dreams with my creativity and determination and break the mold —delivering them comprehensive solutions and captivating brand experiences that have transformed their potential into success!

Close to 3 decades later, people's innovative spirits and my fearless exploration are still both — a dance of resilience and inspiration.

Whether you're facing challenges or looking to seize opportunities, I'm here to help you solve problems, spot openings for growth, and strategically guide you toward your desired destination by creating a tailor-made brand with a plan that strategically sets you apart from the competition and positions you for success!

My strategic branding and creative marketing capabilities are the threads that tie everything together for you.

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