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Why workwith me


The power of my imagination can take you anywhere to do anything.



Seeing the big picture, simplifying information, and create unique concepts.



Crafting and conveying clear and very
engaging messages.



 Connecting the dots others can't see and solve nearly impossible problems, most can't. 

The Dyslexic Advantage

I'm Hard-Wired To Find Your Difference,

As a Dyslexic Thinker, I can see things from many directions and angles all at once and think quickly past unnecessary details to gain a strategic, much faster way of coming up with solutions and creative ideas others never think of. 

This is a tremendous asset for your brand: 

My dyslexic thinking uses lateral thinking, pattern recognition, intuition, and insights to be able to join the dots at a strategic human level, that even AI can't. 

As a dyslexic I have an extremely visual mind; and can come up with a visual idea in seconds, which can cut your project schedule in half. 

Clients find that my dyslexia is their secret weapon. I can see through things, dissecting them & editing out what others may be distracted by. For me, if anything gets in the way, I can quickly find the most strategic way to a better solution. 

Other advantages of working together: 

Well - Trained, Rounded, and Experienced; I hold a degree in graphic design and advertising from the top design school in the world, Pratt Institute. Having lived and worked in Manhattan, for 30 years I had the pleasure of working with – and learning from – some of the most fantastic creative people, agencies, and companies out there — My well-rounded experience has enabled me to craft an array of successful business communications for over three decades.

✔ Specialties; Branding, Positioning, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Photoshop, Web Design, Print Design, and Production. Whether your project is online or off, you can count on me to deliver unique, clear, and engaging marketing.

✔ High-quality visuals to increase viewer interaction; My high-quality original branded visuals grab attention at a much higher rate than those using cookie-cutter, standard stock visuals. 

✔ Copy; Great response doesn't come from great design alone. Copy and visuals can make or break any marketing effort. When they work together, they reinforce and energize to communicate a powerful selling message. From a topical blog and social media posts, from creative ads to entire websites, to video scripts, there’s almost no type of marketing copy I haven’t written.

✔ Boosted Productivity; As a designer that writes the copy, I save crucial project time. I understand which part of your project needs design support to lift the copy and which part of the copy can lift the design and I can easily and quickly make small tweaks to design or copy to accommodate your project requirements. 

✔ Uncommon excellence and work ethic; I’m obsessive over craft, making it personal and keeping it simple. While I am extremely versatile and can meet the requirements of any business, I believe it’s my honesty and my work ethic that truly sets me apart from the rest. 

✔ Seamless client/customer experienceLast but not least, because everything can be done under one roof, I can deliver a seamless client/customer experience, everywhere your customer is — online and off.
My Productive Advantage:

Ready to make your competition
irrelevant and your success inevitable?

Here are your competitive advantage game-changing moves...


1. Strategy
Strategy + Playbook that separates your business and gives it clarity and direction.   


2. Identity Design
A distinct strategy-led visual
brand to influence perception
and recall. 


3. Marketing
Deploy your brand consistently with quality multifaceted marketing communications.  

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