My brand-building process gives you a road map to greener pastures

grow your business

A brand is a business's face to the world and the key to its success. Where your special qualities and your customers' needs meet is where your BRAND is born. How everyone perceives you and your businesses is what ultimately becomes your BRAND. 

I build the foundation on which it lies.

A considered approach to who YOU are, your goals, and how YOU want to be perceived is a key part of building and growing YOUR BRAND.

It is difficult to stand out these days, especially if you are selling the same thing as your competitor.

You can’t afford to just post for the heck of it anymore.

Every business decision you make should be grounded in YOUR brand strategy. No more trying to copy other people’s strategies and trends. My process of branding is about uncovering, what makes YOU unique, building a brand with personality, and creating a clear, roadmap to reach YOUR goals and YOUR target market. 

My Brand Strategy Process

My process takes you through 3 main stages.

We start our relationship with an in-depth discovery session (workshop) to get to the heart of your business, its clients, and its services. This helps us to create a clear strategy that we can use to ensure that YOUR branding aligns with YOUR business goals.


The Process of Design Squiggle by Damien Newman,

After this deep dive, your new brand will feel authentic and you'll be able to show up and market confidently and resonate with the right people.

You can then take the insights you’ve received through our work and your very own Brand Strategy Roadmap with Stylescape (think of it as a "mood board" taken to the next level), and move on to a different brand identity designer, or your internal design team.


There is no obligation to continue to work with me and use my other branding and marketing services unless you choose to.

If you are ready to translate your dreams and goals into reality and create something backed by intentional strategy.


My Services 

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Brand Strategy

I work with you to identify and harness your strengths, mitigate any challenges, and position your brand for maximum impact.

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Brand Identity

Informed by strategy, the brand identity systems that I create connect with audiences in meaningful ways, boosting brand awareness and loyalty.


Brand Marketing

Even the best strategy has no meaningful value until it’s effectively connecting the right people to you for the right reasons.

I know your unstoppable brand will continue to grow and evolve, and I’ll be here to support you for any future plans you want help implementing. I love working with my clients long-term and lending my branding and marketing know-how as they do!