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Branding is NOT One Size Fits All.

The only thing you have to consider right now is what you want and how you are going to get there. 


As long as you have a strong brand strategy, you will have a roadmap to go in the right direction to succeed, no matter what success looks like to YOU! 🙌

If you value collaboration and knowledge before assumption, this is how we combine strategy with creativity to craft a tailor-made brand that works for you and your target audience: 

My Brand Strategy Process

My branding process is about uncovering what makes YOU unique, building a brand with your personality, and creating a clear roadmap to reach YOUR goals and target market. No more trying to copy other people’s strategies and trends. Every business decision you make will be grounded in YOUR brand strategy.

My process takes you through 3 main stages.

We start our relationship with in-depth workshops. This helps us to create a clear strategy that we can use to ensure that YOUR branding aligns with YOUR business goals.


The Process of Design Squiggle by Damien Newman,

After this deep dive, your new brand will feel authentic, and you can show up to market confidently and resonate with the right people.

After delivering your brand strategy guide, we can continue working together on your brand assets ( brand identity, website, social media), or you can move on to work with a different designer. There is no obligation to continue to work with me and use my other branding and marketing services unless you choose to.

Ready to create a clear roadmap to reach your business, marketing, and financial goals? 

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