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If you're a coach, consultant, or service provider following the same moves as everyone else you will forever be playing a losing game.

Brand positioning goes beyond merely outdoing competitors; it's about becoming the go-to standout solution to your prospects’ needs.

Why consider yourself BRANDED?

You can't create a brand that fully expresses who you are and gets you where you want to be off the shelf.

Your brand is who you are, but more importantly, it is what your audience thinks you are. So, your brand must be clear enough, distinctive enough, and coherent enough to be able to stick in your target’s minds. 

Strategical branding and marketing helps you say “This is what I am. This is why I exist. If you agree, if you like me, you can buy me, support me, and recommend me to your friends.”

You should only consider doing it in the sense that not doing it will result in forever struggling to communicate your uniqueness and value. Leaving you in a state of frustration from investing time and /or money in cookie-cutter solutions that failed to solve these problems for YOU!  


Position Your Brand To Win!

Just like you would carefully consider each move in a chess game, building a brand for your business is no different.

It's about identifying and harnessing your strengths, mitigating challenges, and positioning your brand for maximum clarity, connection, and agility— so that every move you make is purposeful and effective!

You first need to consider where you stand, and where you want to go.  

your brand game plan.jpg

Welcome to "consider yourself BRANDED," my one-stop strategic branding and marketing studio. Here as the name suggests, you take center stage as we craft a tailor-made brand; grounded in strategy, crafted with purpose, made with care, and built to last!

Your 3-Step BRAND Advantage Game Plan

make your move .png

Attract high-value leads, shorten your sales cycle, and solidify your position as the go-to authority in your industry.


A strategic plan of action that aligns your goals, your brand, and your audience together. 

• Brand Strategy Workshop
• Your Strategic Game Plan


The visual elements that distinctively maximize your brand's image and impact.

• Visual Identity
• Style Guide


Marketing that will connect, compel, and convert your target audience at every touchpoint.

• Digital|Print 
• Graphic Design|Copy

Whether you're just starting your business, or have been in business for years — Get end-to-end solutions that span strategy, creativity, and engagement—making the whole process smooth and worry-free!

Brand Advantage Game Plans In Action

If you look at my work and think, "The same person designed these all these brands?" I've done my job.   

Read what they have to say...


Jason Silverglate CEO | Continuous Networks 

Before we "considered ourselves BRANDED, we generated $348,238 in sales. Today, Continuous Networks generates $7.73 million in sales!​ 

Even our competitors compliment our branding and marketing. 


Need I say more? 


My Unfair Advantages

I believe we are all born with unfair advantages. But we can't always see them ourselves and we are not given the game plan.

My mission is to help coaches, consultants, or service-based businesses leverage their unfair advantages to develop the authority, influence, and trust they need to win hearts and minds.

Dyslexic Advantage.png

The Dyslexic Advantage

As a dyslexic thinker, I’m hard-wired to see the bigger picture.  Where others see obstacles, I find ways around them. I see things from many directions and angles all at once allowing me to design an entire brand experience that most others would never dream of. It is your secret weapon— branding and marketing that strategically work together to build awareness and actual profits.

The Copy+Visuals Advantage

Copy and visuals can make or break any marketing effort. When they work together, they reinforce and energize to communicate a powerful selling message. That's why, copy + and visuals are included in all my design services.


From websites and social media posts, from creative ads to video scripts, there’s almost no type of copy I haven’t written. 

The Productive Advantage

If you have ever tried working with
a brand strategist, designer, and copywriter you know this can lead to, unseen expenses, wasted time, and missed opportunities.


No such worries here. Because I am a dyslexic thinker, brand strategist, designer, and copywriter, you can trust me to deliver a unique, creative, and seamless brand experience; on time, and on budget.

When your brand strategy, visual identity, and marketing all align toward the same goal, your moves become intentional, your competition becomes irrelevant, and your success will become inevitable!

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