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Case Study:
Andrea Dechtman: Professional Home Organizer

Organized By Andrea

Services Provided:

REBRAND Brand Strategy | Tagline Line | Brand Identity | Copywriting


Digital Brand Identity Logo Update | Website Content, Structure and Art Direction | Custom Images | Custom Service Icons


Social Media Rebranding  Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn Profile | LinkedIn Company Page​

Digital Brand Marketing  Marketing Campaign | Email signature | Branded Social Media Templates | Branded Custom Graphics

Print  Business Cards 


Andrea Dechtman is a professional organizer. Her business, Organized By Andrea was one of the many, many of small business owners affected by COVID-19. As most small businesses that existed in the face- to face world, she needed to pivot her once "in home" organizing service to a "virtual home" organizing service. As a one woman band, she was a DIY'er, so when she came to she already had a logo and website and social media presence. However, during my discovery process, it was clear that her she had no brand strategy and therefore the visual and verbal messaging was confusing on her website as well as her social media platforms. I saw that she needed a logo update, as the logo she was using was not sitting well in the todays digital platforms (it was actually cut off), and her website needed structure, as well as clear content, so that people would clearly understand exactly who she was and what she was offering.  


Andrea didn't just need to add a service option she needed to rebrand. I created a brand strategy so she would be ready to take on competitors and secure more qualified leads. I cleaned up her logo so it fits in todays digital space. And added a tagline to captures a her brand essence, and new positioning. To clear up her confusing messaging I put focus on the user experience breaking down her services into 3 different customer pain points. Multi Area, Work Area, and Any Area. I played off the new logo mark and created custom service icons for each area, as well as other icons need in the website. I then wrote content for each area and then I created the new visuals for the content. This not only allows for clarity, but now these clearly defined areas that can be used in ongoing marketing efforts. Which is exactly what I did. 

As part of the marketing strategy I rebranded her current platforms and added all the tools they provide that she was unaware of. I also created social media marketing graphics a suite of templates that she can use for various types of posts across her social media channels.

Now Andrea has a new brand identity and marketing message, consistent colors and fonts as well as images that fit that is firmly rooted and easily be identified as hers alone. Now Andrea has consistent colors and fonts as well as images that fit whatever her brand is.   

Logo and Tagline


Logo Mark

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Custom Icons

multi area
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Any Area

Hover over image for before and after facebook branding

Hover over images 👆👇 for before and after branding

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Andrea's wanted to use her brother to built her website so, I took the role as "art director" and design the site and all the art and copy. (see below) I think he did a great job on matching it on the desktop version — YAH!!!! TEAMWORK 🙌


Social Media Rebrand

Facebook Branding
Facebook Branding

LinkedIn Profile Branding
LinkedIn Profile Branding

Branded Instagram Posts
Branded Instagram Posts

Facebook Branding
Facebook Branding


Creative Launch Campaign


Extra Photoshop Work

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Business Cards


Promo Item


New Service added...


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Hover over image for before and after branding