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Continuous Networks, LLC

Brand Equity Increased by

Allowing Sales Teams to Quickly and Effectively Close More Deals.


When Jason Silverglate and Ross Brouse came to me in 2015 they had just changed the name of their IT company in NJ/NYC from Fortress Itx to Continuous Networks, LLC they knew they needed to rebrand mainly because they felt their brand identity no longer reflected who they were and the business growth plans they had.


I worked very closely with CEO Jason the CEO and Ross the President of Continuous Networks to do what was not being done at the time — which was to add a "personal touch" to an IT company. Working hard behind the scenes to get them out of the "market norm" and into a fearless zone to stand apart from all others in their market— I created their new positioning and tagline line, which they loved and signed off to go to the creative stage.

We then moved on to create their new logo in line with the strategic work we’d done together, presenting them with initial concepts which were developed and the final logo was chosen. The next stage was creating the overall brand identity, including custom icons for their different services. 

Now it was time for the brand guidelines to ensure consistency of messaging and look and feel when used by different team members.

The next large part of this project was my role as creative director to the IT website marketing company they pre-paid for before meeting me.  


The final part of the project was to showcase the new branding on all their social media channels and well as update their old collateral.

I continued to partner with them until 2023 when they decided to build a in-house creative department and we separated due to creative differences. 

I am proud of the work we did during our time together;

Which you can see below


In 2015 Fortress Itx generated $348,238 in sales. In just under 4 Years Continuous Networks generated $7.73 million in sales.


Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Website Content, Social Media Branding, Business Cards, Stationery, Folders, Book Covers, Ebooks, Monthly Newsletters, LinkedIn Articles; Blog Images, Infographics, Promotional Items, Trade Show Banners, Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Explainer Video Content.


The logo mark reflects the customer and the brand working together. The mark is a symbol of two people. The top grey shape represents the customer (now referred to as a partner) and the bottom orange color represents the brand reaching out and holding up their partners.  The negative space in the middle ( the white area) represents the puzzle of internet security in which Continuous Networks — continuously solve for their partners.

The tagline is a play of the word "IT " and can be read two ways, as IT expresses both a business and personal message.  The overall logo and tagline highlight the hands-on positioning reflected in the brand's overall values.  


After rearchitecting Continuous’s offerings, I designed an iconographical system to accompany it. Each icon visually conveys its corresponding offering. The system allows for brand recognition information to be conveyed for each service, with a playful personality that is on-brand to be used on their website and in marketing materials.


Branded LinkedIn Article Images


When we started we generated $348,238 in sales. Today Continuous Networks generates $7.73 million in sales!

Even our competitors are complimenting our branding.


Need I say more? 

Jason Silverglate
CEO | Continuous Networks

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