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Case Study:
Andrea Dechtman: Professional Home Organizer

Organized By Andrea

Scope Of Work:


Communication Strategy


Brand Identity 

Brand Marketing  

Tagline Line,  Copywriting, Logo Update, Website Content, Structure and Art Direction, Custom Images, Custom Service Icons.


Social Media Rebranding  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn Company Page.

Brand Marketing  Website Design, Art Direction, Marketing Campaign, Branded Social Media Graphics +Templates,

Email signature, Business Cards, Digital Brochure, Promotional Item.


Andrea Dechtman is a professional organizer. Her business, Organized By Andrea was one of the many small business owners affected by COVID-19 during our discovery call me she was not able to offer her services because like most small businesses that offered in-home services Covid would basically shut her business down if she did not pivot and offer online services. It was clear that we needed to add "virtual services" and all the tools that come with that, however during my discovery process, it was not clear who her target market was and therefore her visual and verbal messaging was confusing on her website as well as her social media platforms. 


I also noticed that needed a logo update, as the logo she was using was not sitting well in today's digital platforms (it was actually cut off), and her website needed structure, as well as clear content so that people would clearly understand exactly who she was and what she was offering



Andrea did not just need to pivot her service offering— she needed a rebrand — so that people her business could thrive during and after Covid. So we worked on a BRAND STRATEGY, to get her crystal clear on her audience and how your brand can best serve them and to stand out in a sea of sameness. It also now provides her with a clear direction for her brand, a guiding "North Star" to keep her from making branding and marketing mistakes in the future.

Brand Identity 

I tweaked the logo so it fits in today's digital space and created a brand identity system so she would look consistent at every customer touchpoint. And then rewrote the tagline to capture her brand essence and new positioning.  firmly rooted her new brand identity (consistent colors, fonts, and other graphic marketing assets in the foundation of her brand strategy —not only be easily identified in the crowd but to make her future marketing so much easier as the messaging is already women into the brand.  

Old Logo Mark

OBA- old logo.png

New Logo Mark

OBA_new logo mark.png

Inconsistent old logo with tagline

old logo.jpg

New Logo and Tagline

Brand Marketing

Website Before

The website didn't just need a new look, it needed structure, as well as clear, targeted messaging so that people would clearly understand exactly who she was and what she was offering to whom.


Website After Rebrand


Working off the new strategy, we now had a clear plan to tackle the new website. I cleared out the confusing messaging from the old site and  I put focus on her target audiences' and broke down her services into 3 different customer pain points. Multi-Area, Work Area, and Any Area. I played off the new logo mark and created custom service icons for each area, as well as other icons need in the website. I then wrote content for each area and then I created the new custom visuals for the content. These clearly defined areas can now also be used in ongoing marketing efforts. 

all service areas.jpg


Along with redesigning the website, and rewriting all the copy, I created custom images and graphic assets  (see below) and added a new virtual service page, and added an online book calendar to make her intake process run smoother for her as well as her potential new clients. 


I took the role of "art director" and designed the site along with creating custom images and graphic assets because Andrea's wanted to use her brother's business to build out her website. — YAH!!!! TEAMWORK 🙌


Social Media Rebrand

For the brand marketing strategy, I rebranded her current platforms for consistency and added all the tools they provide that she was unaware of. I also created social media marketing graphics and templates that she can use for various posts across her social media channels.


During my research, while working on the brand strategy I noticed that a large number of  Andreas' new target market hung out on Linkedin. And although she had a presence on that platform it looked more like a resume docking station than the amazing marketing platform that it is for personal and professional branding. 

I rebranded her LinkedIn Profile and rewrote her messaging to speak to her target audience and I also created a LinkedIn Company Page so her business looked as legit as it is. 

Linkedin Personal Branding.jpg

Creative Launch Campaign


Quick peek on some Extra Photoshop Work I created.

Hover over image for before and after 

Orginal Phone.png

👀 Sneak Peek :


New Service Offering Added

As I am always looking for new opportunities for my clients, I noticed that Covid had created an opening in the realtor industry that organized by andrea could fill. We quickly got to work with a new service offer: organizing services for realtors. 

Playing off the service icon I created for organized by andrea home servicesI simply changed the color of the service icon for organizing services for realtors. 

home services.png

Then playing off the new icon for organizing services for realtors. I then designed additional service icons for the additional service page, keeping with the already established brand identity 

realtor organizing move.jpg
realtor organizing for showing house.jpg

Photoshoot during Covid

virtual photoshoot.jpg

After the virtual photoshoot, for brand identity consistency. I went into photoshop and tweaked the image we selelcted.

Before photoshop.jpg
After photoshop.jpg

Brand Marketing

Now that the new visuals were complete. I then wrote copy and designed an online brochure that Andrea will use to email prospects and post on social media. (I designed this in In-Design so we have the option to print the brochure as well).


New Landing Page For Realtors:

I then wrote copy for and designed the landing page to hand off to her brother, so we can now successfully launch her new service offering shortly. Be sure to come back for more brand marketing updates! 

OBA_Business Card.jpg
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