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Melissa Tswana
Affiliated Real Estate Agent
Citi Habitats  


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity 

Brand Marketing

Positioning, Tagline, Copywriting, Logo, Custom Jingle, Custom Icons, and Images. Video Art Direction.


Social Media Branding, Business Cards, Stationery, Promotional Items, YouTube Trailer Video, Intro Video, Explainer Videos. Social Media Ad. 

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Turn Volume Up 🔉

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This was a gamer changer for me and my business. Helene Abrams is a true branding GENIUS!


Being part of this transformation and witnessing her work on my logo, tagline, website, jingle, social media branding, and creating something completely new and innovative in my marketplace was so AMAZING!

Melissa Tswana  |  Affiliated Real Estate with Citi Habitats 

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