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Affiliated Real Estate Agent Citi Habitats  

— BRAND + MARKETING Melissa Tswana


In 2013, Melissa Tswana began her adventure as a new Affiliated Real Estate Agent at Citi Habitats, one of Manhattan's premier rental firms. Melissa was enthusiastic about establishing her brand and standing out in a competitive field. Our paths crossed earlier that year at the NYC Chapter of the NAPW, where I spoke about branding. Melissa reached out to me, recognizing the potential for us to create not just a visual identity, but an authentic brand that would resonate deeply with her with her potential clients.

NYC Neighbor Expert.   

During this time most agents at the brokerage relied solely on the limitations of their profiles on the company website and very few were even using social media. This was the perfect opportunity to attract clients and build credibility (under the umbrella of the Citi Habitats brand) by positioning Melissa as a "neighborhood expert.”

The Strategy

We focused on four neighborhoods  (Chelsea, Greenwich Village, SoHo, and Tribeca), and carefully crafted, her brand rooted in sincerity, and tailored to her market — her new website became her own online hub and we leveraged the power of social media to elevate her online presence and expand her lead generation reach. 




Positioning and Tagline


Her initials MT easily translated to “MY TOWN” and I created the tagline "FEEL RIGHT AT HOME" that we would also use later in the custom jingle that accompanied her weekly intimate guided tours around each of her neighborhoods. 


I created a monogram logo (MT) and the backronym “My Town” to further highlight her neighborhood expert positioning. To stay within the Citi Habitats branding guidelines the brand's color yellow was used in the "T" as  a symbolic way to represent Melissa the bridge between where her clients live now and where they want to live and used the color grey in the "M"  to represent The City's buildings.


The combination of strong positioning and effective online and offline marketing strategies increased her sales and professional image, and within the year Melissa was offered a new position at “Douglas Elliman” at double her commission rate.  


Strategy, Positioning, Tagline, Brand Design, Website Copywriting/Design, Social Media Branding, Custom Jingle, Custom Images, Video Creative Direction, Scripts, YouTube Trailer Video, Intro Video, Explainer Videos. Social Media Ads, Promotional Items.

Melissa Tswana_Citi Habitats.png

Turn Volume Up 🔉

Melissa Tswana.jpg

This was a gamer changer for me and my business. Helene Abrams is a true branding GENIUS!


Being part of this transformation and witnessing her work on my logo, tagline, website, jingle, social media branding, and creating something completely new and innovative in my marketplace was so AMAZING!

Melissa Tswana  |  Affiliated Real Estate with Citi Habitats 

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