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Why Logo Design Matters

Your Brand's Image.

A vital part of any successful brand strategy is having an effective logo design. A logo design is not a just picking a pretty typeface. A logo serves as a signature identity of an organization and the whole brand image is solely relied on this graphical illustration. An inept logo design will destroy your BRAND image and reputation faster than anything else you do.

Cheap Logo Design Cost vs. Redesign Cost:

Start-ups mostly try to save money by spending as little as they can. Due to limited budgets, they don’t want to spend a lot on their logo design so they hire a cheap designer. Eventually, they realize that their logo is not helping, because it doesn’t look professional. So, they again search for another designer. However, this time, due to their previous bad experience, they search for an expensive designer and end up paying more than they would have by initially hiring a decent designer. Hiring a cheap logo designer in the beginning will actually cost you more in the future.

Dated Logos

A dated logo can destroy your chances of gaining business from potential clients. Why? Because your brand is your business. If I’m looking to purchase a product or service from a company, I want to know they are at the top of their game. I would never use a service or product that wasn’t up to date. There is a strong case for re-branding if you feel this is you. An updated logo enhances people’s perception of you and gives your business a more professional look and feel, I say it's well worth a second look!

What impression are you making on your audience?

There are various factors that make a logo effective and appealing. For example your logo has to be modern, adaptable and unique to your brand. Your logo should complement all your marketing materials of your business like website, facebook pages, twitter, business card etc. If it is not perfectly matched it give your audience a bad impression of your company.

I know that creating a professional logo is critical to succeed in business, so here is my special offer:

I’ll create a custom logo design that stands the test of time, and can be used on your website, business cards, stationary, signage, vehicles (and anywhere else you want) to tell the world who you are and why they need you. We’ll set a fixed price – I don’t charge by the hour – and I promise that I’ll work hard on your logo design until it is to your satisfaction. No set revisions, no hourly rates, no squabbling. Just a finished product that you’ll love and that your customers will positively associate with you.

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