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Time to overcome your rebranding fears and take a look at your brand.

Making the decision to rebrand is a defining moment for any business but for small business owners, the perceived risks feel even more understandably scarier in these unsure days. It’s not uncommon to bootstrap your brand to get it off the ground. But you need to consider if what worked for you then, is still working for you now. If you’re struggling to raise prices and demonstrate your value then you need to really consider if your current branding is holding you back.

I want you to understand that there's this myth in the business world that everything comes down to the logo. People think that everything starts and ends with their logo. You shouldn't cut off rebranding because you're afraid you may have to change your logo. Most of the time you might upgrade, not a makeover. Consider rebranding as putting out a better version of yourself.

Rebranding is not just creating a new logo and new website design, but it rethinks the strategy or gives you a strategy if you never had one, including your brand purpose, vision, mission and values, and new ways for increasing your worth.

It's time to overcome rebranding fears and look take a look at your brand.

There are always warning signs…

How many of these warning signs apply to you?

  • Your vision has changed.

  • You look + sound like your competitors.

  • You want to upgrade your image.

  • You’re failing to differentiate yourself.

  • You’ve outgrown your brand.

  • You changed your business model.

  • People don’t remember you.

  • Your messaging is unclear.

  • You’re struggling to raise your prices.

  • You’re trying to gain a new audience.

  • Your audience has shifted.

  • Your offerings have changed.

A rebrand is part of the natural cycle. Because nothing is constant. The market changes, and your customer changes. And you have to change along with them.

Rebranding can do a lot to help you stay relevant even in a changing, competitive market.

These signs are helpful indications that your business might be in need of a rebrand. But signs don’t tell the whole story. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a clearly defined brand strategy that helps you gauge whether your business is on or off track with your goals and finally close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

If you’re seeing any of the signs above (or you need help defining your existing brand strategy), I’d love to help.


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