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4 Creative Ideas To Use For Valentine’s Day

You may already know that love-themed marketing is not just for florists, jewelers and restaurants. Small businesses use this lovely holiday to build online relationships and a new customer base. But, most of the time they will end up doing more damage then good. One of the traps many small business owners get caught in is using clip art and free images especially around a holiday. If you are thinking of using it, you can bet your competition may be doing the same. Then, you both look like generic and cookie-cutter—not the "brand image" you want to create. If you spent a good amount of time and money to build your brand why would you use this a holiday to hurt it?

Here are 4 creative ideas to use this Valentine’s Day

1) Re-design your face book cover

Change your cover image with a branded valentines message thats as unique as your business, brand or organization. The good news is that some of the old restrictions (no calls to action, no websites or addresses) have been removed.

2) Change your logo and/or avatars Add a cupid or a heart to your regular logo and/or avatar, and post that on all your social media profiles. It’s a cute, inexpensive way to create goodwill and get a smile.

3) Post branded valentines on social media Thank your followers with branded digital Valentine’s Day Post — that includes image/ and or message, your company’s logo and website address. As people share your love via social media more potential customers will become aware of your brand. (This is an especially savvy marketing move if your customers pin or re-pin the card to their Pinterest boards.)

4) Rekindle the spark with the customers you already have.

Valentine’s Day is as good a day as any to tell your clients/customers how much you appreciate their business. Most businesses — large and small tend to chase new customers at the expense of their existing customers. February 14th is the day to rekindle the spark with the customers you already have, and let them know how very much you appreciate them.

Remember, there are many elements that go into your marketing– including concept, color and layout choice, considering who you want to appeal to and why, and figuring out the best way to graphically represent your brand. Since your marketing is representative of your company, and is used for people to remember your business when they first think of your industry, you’ll want to create a graphics that are both aesthetically pleasing and a effective representation of your brand.​

Make sure you start the process in the next few days, so you don’t miss this Valentine’s Day to help you build business, show customers you care and cultivate customer love and loyalty. If you need help with a creative idea and design that's as unique as your business, brand or organization contact me at:



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