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Is Branding Your Business Really Worth It?

If you’re wondering if branding your business is worth putting all the time, money, and effort into, then simply think about this: Branding enables people to make choices. Today’s markets are full of generic and bland language and design — Dare to be distinctive, and you’ll stand out as the only choice. 

If you want to have a reputable business that stands out from the crowd, then branding is where you need to start.

The entirety of your brand shouldn’t be confused with the visual identity of your brand, such as your logos, color schemes, and aesthetics of your website. Essentially your brand is how your customers perceive you – your positioning in the marketplace, that is a culmination of your strategy, messaging, identity, collateral, and customer experience. It’s how you portray what you do, why you do it, and how it serves your customers in a unique and meaningful way.

How could developing a logo or graphic element be so important? Well, first things first, branding is a whole lot more than simple logos and color schemes. Your brand is the way in which your clients, customers, perceive you. Your branding encompasses the entire experience that your customers have with you, from their website experience and social media interaction, packaging, your visual look.

It’s about defining who you are and who you want to be. It’s also about encouraging people to buy into what you’re offering. It’s absolutely essential to create a brand that enables your customers to have the brand experience that you want them to have. Unfortunately, many small businesses and start-ups don’t spend enough time coming up with a comprehensive brand strategy and fail to recognize the impact that it can have on their success.

Here are just some of the reasons why branding is worth it:


Logos and other visual touch-points are an essential aspect of getting your brand recognized. Having a strong branding strategy helps to set you apart from your competitors and can help current and prospective customers recognize your brand instantly.


As a brand, you can’t be everything to everyone, otherwise, you will end up being nothing to no one. The way you position and portray your brand is one of the most effective ways to ensure that it’s the correct target market that is noticing you. By appealing to the right customers, you are likely to resonate with them more and as such, it will be easier for you to sell your products or services.


Hitting the nail on the head when it comes to branding is sure to create customers that are loyal to your brand. These repeat customers can also turn into valuable brand ambassadors by telling, showing, and posting about how much they love your brand.


When you have your own company, it is easy to get swept up in hundreds of different ideas and directions. But, if you aren’t careful, this could lead you to lose your way and diverge from the reason that you started your business in the first place. Having a good branding strategy will serve as a reminder of where you’ve come from and where you are meant to go. It provides focus and helps you to stay on track with your brand’s values and promises to your customers.


One of the most important factors in building a strong brand is consistency. Consistency in messaging, value, quality, marketing, and appeal. Consistency is what builds trust with your audience. When you have a strong brand in place, it makes it a lot easier to maintain a high level of consistency in all your when you have the foundations to work off. It will ensure greater results, but also efficiencies when working on, or making decisions around your brand.


A strong brand foundation lends itself to the promotion, and success, of new services/products. When consumers are already familiar, and engaged, with your brand, that is something you can build on with the release of new offerings. Ensure of course that any new offerings are aligned with your greater purpose, and your most desired customers’ needs.


Honestly? Hire a professional.

Of course your thinking, of course, “She I would say that”. But in daily life, we trust professionals all the time, especially when there’s something at stake. Would you cut your own hair? Or trust an amateur to do your root canal treatment?

At “consider yourself BRANDED, I’m involved in branding every day. I know it can be tricky to get the message right. Cover different angles. Strike the right tone. Achieve consistency. 

By investing in an informed outsider perspective, you’ll increase your chances of success, and of driving growth. You’ll also reduce the risk of a costly failure.

My approach is to simplify, and my mission is to get your brand out there— REALLY WORKING FOR YOU!.


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