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Why Brand Your Small Business

It doesn't matter if you operate from your bedroom or an office space,no business today can afford to ignore the importance of professional branding to distinguish itself from the competition. Whether you're branding a product, a service or yourself the more effective you are at communicating with your audience, the better you’ll be at attracting attentiions and

bringing in revenue. Professional branding means evaluating all the elements of your identity and uniting them in a way that makes just the right impact. Doing it right takes strategy, tactics and implementation.

Getting the right vision for your brand strategy is critical. Branding is more than a logo. It’s more than a website. It’s more than a business card. It’s more than the colors and typefaces you choose to represent your company. Your brand strategy is your proposition for disruption in the marketplace, and it is absolutely key to your success and your survival.

Visual and verbal execution is the hardest part of branding

The most common complaints I hear is, “People don’t get me, my values and what I do, but I am by far the best at it.” That statement is strong indicator that you have a big problem that needs to be addressed. Your business is your brand story and if you can’t communicate it visually and verbally then nobody will understand the value of what your business brings to the market.

Take a broader view of your customers before you brand

Your brand needs to be aligned with the customers’ needs. Customers need solutions, not specific services or products. If you are not providing what your target market wants or needs then you probably need to reconsider either the benefits you offer to your present customers or whether you're targeting the right people.

Your website and social media channels are the equivalent of your office.

Most of your potential customers will check you out online before they ever call you on the phone or step into your office. If your business presents a confident, slick and professional image that’s exactly the impression people will get. 85% of people who undertake branding will fail to achieve the desired business result because they try to do it themselves. More than anything else, professional branding is worth every dollar you spend. Getting your branding right can have a big impact on the bottom line of your business. If you have the right strategy and a bit of creativity, your business will thrive.

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