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Brand strategy is about making smart moves...

Brand strategy is about making smart moves. It’s a lot like a game of chess. ♟ When you see a good move, look for a better one. ♟

In chess, players compete in a shared playing area both trying to win. The strategy for winning is to position yourself in a way that creates an advantage over the other player, ultimately removing the other player from the game.

Great chess players take specific actions during the game. They survey the board from above and look for patterns that indicate the intent of their opponent, as well as identifying opportunities for themselves. They are willing to give up a weaker piece or position in one area to create an advantage in another. They are constantly driven by a singular goal – to win the game.

In a similar way, a brand strategist uses brand strategy to survey your competitive environment trying to identify the intent of your competitors and anticipating changes in the market, then suggesting specific actions to mitigate risk, take positions of advantage, and focus on areas of your greatest opportunity. And ideally, all decisions are made in the context of a longer-term objective.

Brand strategy is the most effective method for making your competition irrelevant.♟

A brand strategist helps curate your company’s image, voice, and presence in the market… which is something no amount of time spent marketing can buy.

In fact, any true expert will tell you that you can’t even effectively market your business without a brand strategy in place first.



If you want to know more about what brand strategy is or you’re looking for new perspectives and proven strategies to gain a competitive advantage for your businesses, I'd love to chat!


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