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Need New Customers? Narrow Your Target Market.

When I talk to alot of first time cleints one of the first questions I ask is "Who is your target market?" Most say "Everyone" but what they really mean is " "I don't know." If you don't know who your target market is than how can you know their struggles, fears, motivations? How can you appeal directly to them in the copy on your website and product /servcie descriptions and in what you choose to share on your blog and social media.

Narrow Your Target Market.

The process of finding a target market and narrowing your company's focus to appeal to it directly often trips up new businesses who find it difficult to turn down business opportunities when they arise. But trying to be all things to all people is setting yourself up for failure in the marketplace. Companies that try to be all things to all customers are sure to fail. If you're selling everything, you actually mean nothing in the marketplace. Exclusion is fundamental to target markets.

The Dangers of Being Unfocused.

Whatever market you're in, you've likely got a lot of competition and noise standing between you and the consumer. Narrowing your focus to one specific demographic or slice of the marketplace gives potential customers a reason to notice you in the rest of the herd. If you're not differentiating yourself in the marketplace, what happens is the consumer looks at price as being the motivator, and they look at the cheapest.

Know Who You Are Speaking To.

If you don't know specifically which customers you are speaking to, you are actually speaking to no one. The big danger is that without a target market, it's like standing in a crowd shouting in the wind, When you have a target market, its like standing on a stage and talking to a audience.

Dont Be Afraid To Leave Some People Out.

You can't be afraid to exclude certain types of consumer from your marketing.

Become An Expert In One Area

If you're an expert in your field, people will pay the price tag on whatever product and service you offer. You can build up credibility by offering information for free through your company's website, blog and social media channels: Things like tips, industry information, or niche data that will help consumers think of you as a reliable expert in that area. Your credibility comes with giving away information. If this is the value I'm getting for free, what will I get if I pay for it?"

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