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Dr. Romo III, is a Double Board-Certified, world-renowned facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, educator, and researcher. His private practice, Romo Plastic Surgery, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, is well-known to high-profile celebrities, politicians, and business leaders from around the world, however, his online presence did not reflect Romo’s true stature and, therefore, lacked credibility in the public market. I was asked to fix that be creating a new website.

NYC Plastic Surgeon Gets A complete Facelift  

Although Dr. Romo had designed & developed many of the surgical instruments and techniques used in his field today, my research revealed that his competitors (most of his former students) were surpassing him in brand identity, visibility, messaging, and marketing. Dr. Romo didn't just need a new website — it was time for Romo Plastic Surgery to have a complete rebrand (facelift) from the inside out.

The Strategy

Because Dr. Romo was well-known to high-profile patients, I positioned Dr. Romo at Romo Plastic Surgery as “NYC’s Best Kept Secret.” In looking at the over his work, I noticed that his skills produced such an incredibly natural look, that I had a hard time telling the difference between many of the before and after images. This led me to come up with a unique value proposition expressed in my tagline “Results so natural that we won’t tell if you don’t."


Positioning and Tagline

“NYC’s Best Kept Secret.” 

“Results so natural that we won’t tell if you don’t."


To appeal to his audience and, I gave the brand identity a modern appeal, and went beyond aesthetics by using the psychology of the color orange to exude positivity, rejuvenation, and optimism inspire and uplift his audience. I worked on a variety of promotional materials to feature the to introduce to their new and existing clients.A truly unique presence both online and off — deserving of his stature.


The copy I wrote for the new website highlighted Dr. Thomas Romo III’s many years of experience and superior surgical and artistic skills ensuring that his audience understood they would get exceptional results, while avoiding that overdone look.


I worked on designing a better user experience on the new website, included  online forms, a mailing list, as well as giving the staff new headshots to learn more about the team and the great care they provide to their patients.

To increase his reach beyond the NYC area I added new services packages that included a "Surgery Vacation", and "Virtual Consultations. I also I also updated all their social media branding and create a variety of promotional materials to introduce to their new and existing clients. 


Before the rebrand Dr Romo's website had an average of 2,729 page views and 979 sessions per month. One month after the new site launched, Dr. Romo was seeing 14,886 page views and 3,178 sessions per month! 

Romo Plastic Surgery staff also reported that the volume of phone calls had increased dramatically. 


Strategy, Positioning, Tagline, Brand Design, Custom Icons, Website Copy, Social Media Branding, Business Cards, Stationery, Folders, OnlineIntake Forms, Postcards, Social Media Marketing.


Before Rebrand

After Rebrand

romo_emarketing copy.jpg

I am so proud of our rebrand and want to thank Helene for all her hard work and time.

We have received so many compliments.  She cleaned up our image as well as my reputation!


Everything I am mean everything! is really fantastic. Helene did a wonderful job.

Dr. Thomas Romo III, MD, FACS 
Romo Plastic Surgery

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