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​​Online video viewing is rivaling some of the biggest television for ratings. YouTube has over two billion views a day, which is why even huge brands use it to distribute their message widely.

The challenge is about how to stand out in this sea of content on the world’s largest video platform. To this end, branding and packaging and marketing is crucial!


​The packaging of your video refers to the branding expressed around your content – reinforcing your brand so that viewers don’t have to guess what they are watching. It’s a powerful tool that will get your brand message seen and heard! By positioning you as an expert and leader in your field, we will build your audience online. Over time, your brand will become a voice that they will know and trust. In turn, it will become attached to your products or services.



YouTube Video Branding


* price includes graphics-does not include video shoot. 

Eco Earth Ent, LLC -Recycling School tv channel on youtube.
click here to see more of my videos on "recycling school t.v.."

​Newsomecolor -Newsomecolor tv channel on youtube.
click here to see more of my videos on "newsomecolor tv."


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I'm currently located in South Flordia, however, 90% of my clients are in different states, so I am happy to work with you wherever you are.


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