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Forget SEO; Google+ helps find YOU before the competition!

With millions of pieces of content published on a daily basis, you need some way to stand out from the rest. One of the most important tips I give my clients is, even with proper SEO, you could still be buried by the competition. Google+ gives your connected content priority over other websites.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, each post you make in Google+ has most of the characteristics of a full-blown blog posting.

  • Each post has its own URL.

  • The first 45-50 characters of the post appear in the title tag.

  • Just like a blog post, entries can be long and complex in order to explore a subject deeply. Various correlation studies have show a strong relationship between longer pages and higher rankings.

  • If a post is reshared, it can accumulate internal links from the Google+ platform, all with relevant anchor text.

Because of these factors, each post has the potential to send strong semantic signals to Google's search algorithm. This not only helps the post itself to rank in Google's search results, but potentially sends relevancy signals to a URL shared by the post. Google+ index's your content faster so, searchers will find you before the competition, giving you a chance to build your audience.

BOTTOM LINE: The quicker you add Google+ the quicker people will find your content.

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