Brands get lost for many reasons. Before you know it, everything that you thought was crystal clear about your brand positioning becomes cloudy and impenetrable. As a business owner, your time is limited, so you ignore your brand for too long, or simply let it ride for too long and it gets lost along the way. Lost all of its energy, its power to capture your customers' — or even your — imagination.


Too often, when small businesses realize what has happened to their brand, they blindly jump into action. But action without a strategic plan will have you wasting time and money on trial and error—again and again. The good news is that a lost brand can be revived or completely reinvented with the right strategies. 

I will not be teaching you how to design nor will this session include me going into your pre-designed site or soical media pages to redesign them. I will be giving you fresh, new ideas and a plan for how to implement them in your business. The strategy we create with this "Lost Brand Session" will ensure that the time you invest in marketing your business will be worth it, as you will learn to sustainably support and grow your business by using this knowledge again in the future!

 $2,185.00 (Due in full prior to scheduling)

  • Brand Strategy Audit

  • Target Market Audit

  • Brand Strategy

  • Creative Website Direction- ( up to 8 hours- $175 thereafter per hour)
    - fonts
    - wireframe

  • Social Media Audit

Lost Brand Session

If you are looking for fast expert feedback, new creative insight and a clear path of action — all in one all-about-you, on-target conversation — Rent my brain and find your Lost Brand today! You will feel much better about your business moving forward with a strategic marketing plan and creative ideas to implement into your business.

*This package price does not include taglines, graphics or BRANDTALK.



Lost Brand Session