creative retainer packages

As your business grows, you'll inevitably encounter new marketing opportunities or new ways to enhance your offers and client process that require professionally designed materials. Or perhaps you've anticipated this from the start, but have decided to postpone it for budget reasons. 

Most of my clients come back to commission additional print and digital projects for years to come, and I always make room in my schedule for them. Since we've gotten to know each other so well, and I'm thoroughly familiar with their brand, the designs I create for my return clients are always spot on and aligned with the overarching brand vision.

Having a brand designer helps you maintain consistency with your brand and your message helping you stand out from your competitors.

A brand designer makes sure your business looks professional and polished with print and web materials that reflect your brand.

Why consider a creative retainer?

Consider how amazing would it be to have a brand designer on call to help you whenever you need it. Imagine that you could just send out an email and have your designer make your Facebook images POP, or style that ebook you’ve written. Maybe design a new business card or a flyer for your next event.


My creative retainers give you instant access to a wide range of my professional brand design and marketing services minus the overhead associated with a permanent employee or a high priced design or marketing services. 

Who I am.

Hi, I’m Helene | Brand Strategist | Designer. 

I'm not some DIY guru. I'm not a stay- at- home mom, looking for extra income. I am a well trained, highly creative professional who has been in the business for over 30 years. I'm also not going to sell you on the notion that you are a designer. Your not. You are a smart business owner who is working really hard to for your business. My creative retainer packages makes it easier for your business to work smarter too! 

I’m committed to great work, efficiency and lasting partnerships. You won't find any run-arounds around here. Communication as well as project deliverables are prompt and hassle free. My approach emphasizes honest communication that translates to better, more efficient outcomes.

How I can help

I help businesses just like yours close that gap between hiring one-off freelance or a full time graphic designer by producing high quality digital and print design for your graphic design needs. My creative retainer is a agreement between your business and mine that allows you to contract hours of service at a discount— by basically, pre-purchasing the time to accomplish the work you need. In simple terms, you, the client, pay me to act as your in-house creative department for a set time of pre-determined hours. 

When to consider a creative retainer?

If you’re a solopreneur out there on social media and want to look more professional than your cookie many cutter competitors. 


If you have multiple small projects, and want to eliminate the need to seek estimates, manage multiple contracts, and pay multiple invoices. A creative retainer can also stabilize your services budget.

If your communication design needs vary throughout the year, arise unexpectedly, or you have ongoing needs for design services that don’t require having a designer on staff, a creative retainer might be the perfect solution for your business.

If you know your going to need design services throughout the year and want to reserve a creative professional’s time. 

The Benefits:

•  Confidence that a branding professional is creating your visuals.


•  Brand consistency across all of your projects.

•  Peace of mind – Confidence that project deadlines are met.

•  No per-project cost and no contacts to sign for each project

•  No contract to sign for each individual project and no per project costs.


•  You avoid the need to seek estimates and pay multiple invoices. 

•  Unlike creative retainer packages offered by others; Your unused hours NEVER EXPIRE. You NEVER have to forfeit any unused hours left at end of the month.You don’t have to commit to a 3, 6, or 12 month agreement. You don’t have to remember to pay a bill by the end of the month.

•  You pay for one package and don’t have to think about it again, unless you run out of hours.

•  You come first. As a retainer client, your projects receive first priority. Retainer clients are always given a higher priority when it comes to projects.

•  Discounted design & service rates. Without a retainer, my normal hourly rate starts at $100 per hour for all services.

•  Less Paperwork – Eliminate the per-project agreements to sign and multiple invoices to track.

•  No payroll headache – No reason to hire an employee because you have access to a professional designer without the overhead associated with hiring an employee.

Creative Retainer Packages 

Buy a Package, and SAVE!

“consider yourself BRANDED” offers packages ranging from 6 to 57 hours: 

Unused hours NEVER expire. 


6 Hours
Of Design




40 Hours
Of Design




15 Hours
Of Design




72 Hours
Of Design



What's included?

Strategic Consulting; 

•  Creative Direction

•  Brand Watchdog
•  Creative Direction 

•  Color Correction

•  Photo Retouching

•  Creative Writing

•  Ads (concept|design)

Digital Marketing;
•  Social Graphics 

  Infographic Design

•  Ebook Covers

•  Blog Images
•  Web graphics 
  Custom Icons 

Print Marketing; 
  Postcard Design
  Brochure Design
•  Sell Sheets
•  Ads (concept|design)
•  Trade Show Banners


What's NOT included ? 

Brand Strategy 


• Brainstorming Session


Identity Systems 

Brand Identity Manuals 

Identity Packages 

Branding Packages

Branding Identity Packages 

Social Brand Identity Packages
Social Marketing Packages 


Blog Writing 

New Website Development

New website functions or video creation 

Expenses such as printing, or hi-priced stock photography licensing, and subcontractor fees.

I will consult with you before beginning any work to identify any fees or costs that may be have to be billed in addition to your chosen retainer agreement. 

How will I receive an accounting of my hours?

At the end of each package, I prepare a detailed report that shows all of the hours which were dedicated to your project and completed tasks. 

What if I need more hours of service but I have run out of hours in the package that I pre-purchased?

​I understand that there may be times when a unexpected project or projects may occur. When and if this happens I will honor your current retainer rate and create a separate invoice based on the amount of additional hours you request.


Additional hours must be no less then 4 hours and no more than 12 hours. *Limited to two extra projects per retainer package. 

 Which package should I choose?

Every business is different and has different needs. We’ll work together to determine the package that will not only meet your needs but also give you the best return on your investment.  

How does payment work?

Before any work begins, FULL Payment is due. After you have completed the form, we will schedule a phone call.


After the call I will send you an electronic invoice. After payment is received .. I'm yours and we can start creating, whatever you need! 

🤔What if I have more questions?

​​If you have more questions about my retainer packages feel free to ask. Chances are if we don't already have a relationship, you won't be calling to ask about a retainer immediately. We can agree to any number of deals, a number of different ways. Just let me know what you have in mind. Clients can roll unused hours into the following month.

Check out some of my work 👩‍🎨  and my read what my clients have to say, before you commit

Call me to discuss how a creative retainer package can work for you! 917.674.1025