Case Study:
Thomas Romo III, MD, FACS

Romo Plastic Surgery  |  Rapid Recovery  |  Randell and Romo Product ( RAC)


Dr. Romo III, is a Double Board-Certified, world-renowned facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, educator, and researcher. His private practice, Romo Plastic Surgery, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, is well-known to high-profile celebrities, politicians, and business leaders from around the world.

Dr. Romo was referred to me by Robert Randell after I had rebranded Randell and Romo's product, "RAC.” Robert felt that Dr. Romo's online presence did not reflect Romo’s true stature and, therefore, lacked credibility. I was asked to fix that by creating new website for Dr. Romo.


What started as a new website request turned out to be a major operation as my Google searches on Dr. Romo uncovered many outdated, disconnected sites and social profiles, which all created confused messaging. 

And, although Dr. Romo had designed & developed many of the surgical instruments and techniques being used in his field today, my research also showed that his competitors 

(some his former students) surpassed him in visibility, messaging and marketing.


The biggest challenge was to design a website that clearly describes all of the services Romo Plastic Surgery offers, provide useful information about each service, brand not only the practice but also Dr. Romo’s “Rapid Recovery Philosophy” (which he intends to expand upon in the future), then tie these two brands to the recently rebranded RAC product, and package it all in a site that would be easy to understand, easy to navigate and last but not least aesthetically pleasing (a must for any plastic surgeon). 




The first thing that needed to be done was to create a brand strategy for Romo Plastic Surgery. Because Dr. Romo was well-known to high-profile patients, I positioned Dr. Romo at Romo Plastic Surgery as “NYC’s Best Kept Secret.”

In looking at the over his work, I noticed that his skills produced such an incredibly natural look, that I had a hard time telling the difference between many of the before and after images. This led me to come up with a unique value proposition expressed in my tagline “Results so natural that we won’t tell if you don’t".


Because Dr. Romo has plans to expand "Rapid Recovery" onto it's own website down the line, for other surgeons, I needed to postion it to be about a patients  "entire experience" — before, during, and after surgery. I created the tagline —Rapid Recovery™ is more than a procedure, it's a philosophy and packaged it into a "3- Step Program." 

I used geometric logo marks in coordinating color schemes to tie together Romo Plastic Surgery, "Rapid Recovery" with Randell and Romo's product, RAC. 

Brand Identity Marks

Romo Plastic Surgery

Rapid Recovery 

Services Provided:

Two Brand Strategies

Two Tagline Lines

Two Brand Identities

Brand Idenity Guidelines


Ditgital Brand Marketing 

Website Content
Website Structure and Design 

Social Media Branding

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Google places

  • G+

  • YouTube Channels
    - Dr. Thomas Romo
    - Romo Plastic Surgery
      - YouTube Trailer Video
      - Explainer Video
      - Marketing Video

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • LinkedIn Company Page



Mailing List

  • Subscription Options 

  • E-blasts

  • Retention Program

  • Subscription Options 

Patient Resources

  • Convenient Online Forms

  • Printable PDF's 

Print Marketing Materials

  • Business Cards

  • Letterhead and Evelopes

  • Postcards

  • Patient Folders


Other Services:


  • 200 background before & afters 

  • Dr. Romo's Image

  • Staff Images

  • Woman, Man and Child Images

  • Video Images


Branded Custom Icons

Branded Video Packaging
Social Media Posts and Art 


Reputation Management


Unique "Review" System for patients



With his new brand strategies and identities in place. I cleared out everything that was causing confusion by integrating all of the underdeveloped sites about Dr. Romo’s practice and "Rapid Recovery" into one website url: 

I structured the 59-page website to his defined target markets—women, men and children. To appeal to his target audience, I created some new services—Skype Virtual Consultations and Surgery Vacations for adults as well as for children. I wrote content that spoke to his target markets’ pain points emphasizing confidentiality, safety, patient education and comfort, and rapid recovery. I also added a shopping cart for the RAC product, (which is part of his Rapid Recovery Program).


Not only does everything associated with Dr. Romo and his practice— website, social media channels, videos, office stationery, business cards, postcards and email signatures —now have clear messaging with a consistent look and feel. He also has brand identity guidelines (written manual) to follow that explains how his brands should be used internally and externally moving forward. 

 "consider yourself BRANDED" rooted the brands into a solid foundation, so that when Dr. Romo is ready increase his marketing efforts and as the digital landscape evolves, they are built to expand and endure.

Today Thomas Romo III, MD, FACS can consider himself BRANDED! 

His online image and reputation been cleaned up literally and figuratively, but also that Romo Plastic Surgery is now out there—stunningly beautiful, standing apart from the sea of blue website designs commonly used for all plastic surgeons. A truely unique presence both online and off— deserving of his stature.  

Before branding

After branding

Romo Plastic Surgery

Tying It All Together  

(Romo Plastic Surgery | Rapid Recovery and the product RAC)


Custom Icons 

Rapid Recover- and shopping cart for RAC 


Mailing List Incentive


Social Media 



Custom art for social media posts 

"consider yourself BRANDED" created this trailer to display only when non-subscribers visit this doctors YouTube channel. This video is featured within his website to show off his channel and encourage viewers to subscribe.

"consider yourself BRANDED" created this video to be used in social media postings. 

Click on buttons below to visit these branded social media channels

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We are proud of our rebrand and want to thank Helene for all her hard work and time.



We have received so many compliments on our new branding, website design and social media channels. 



Everything is really fantastic. Helene did a wonderful job.

-Dr. Thomas Romo III, MD, FACS | Romo Plastic Surgery