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Brand Strategy | Naming and Tagline Line | Brand Identity


Digital Brand Identity Website Content | Website Structure and Design 

Social Media Branding Facebook | Twitter | Google places | G+ | LinkedIn Profiles | LinkedIn Company Page

Print Marketing Materials Business Cards | Brochure | Signage | Stationary | Folders | Email signature | Postcard
Promotional Items


Digital Marketing E-blasts | Art (concept and design) for monthly column in Hobken 911 and for eblasts notice to mailing list.


Jessica Kasevich was a young psychotherapist just starting her practice in the hip, commuter town of Hoboken, NJ, right next to Manhattan, when she came to “consider yourself BRANDED.” She was excited about getting started but stressed out about how to attract clients in her saturated market. Jessica knew she needed a website and a logo but did not know where to begin. She did not know what services she wanted to offer or who she needed to reach. While she had a social media profile, it was personal, not professional. She asked me for help naming and marketing her new business and creating a brand identity that would attract clients, distinguish her practice from her many competitors, and build her professional credibility online and off. 





I started from the ground up, learning about Jessica’s counseling specialties and philosophy, analyzing the competition and exploring what the consumer pain points were. I then helped her define her target audience and create a niche for her services. 

What emerged became the foundation to the brand. Aiming to reach young, professionals who commuted to NYC and struggled with life’s common problems, work-related stress, or addictions and relationship issues. I positioned JK Therapy as the source of help to “get your life back on track.” I designed digital and print marketing materials based on a subway commuter theme specifically to appeal to the newly-defined target audience.



Custom Website


Linkedin Company Branding


Email Marketing

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Helene Abrams of “consider yourself BRANDED” exceeded my expectations of the chic, modern image I had for my new company, JK Therapy. Helene took the time to learn about who I am personally and professionally in order to create an accurate image. She takes a collaborative approach to creating your marketing needs, showing that your thoughts and opinions are valuable. She is extremely approachable, always available to answer any question. Her designs are phenomenal! She turns around urgent projects in a timely manner leaving you wondering how she created such a masterpiece with such an urgent deadline.


She is also the marketing guru of social media. Your Facebook and LinkedIn pages will stand out amongst others! Your email will fill up with alerts that these social media avenues are being seen by new customers throughout the day. ALERT, ALERT, ALERT! Get ready for more business! Helene truly addresses all of your marketing needs: Branding, logo, tagline, web design, traditional marketing (print) social media marketing, advertising, e-blasts, business cards, and stationery needs. She is always in your corner rooting for your success!


-Jessica Kasevich | JK Therapy


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Save yourself from wasted hours, and marketing dollars, trying to figure it all out on your own...

consider yourself BRANDED.

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Save yourself from wasted hours, and marketing dollars, trying to figure it all out on your own...

consider yourself BRANDED.

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