Blogging Packages


Right now there are more than 160 million blogs online and with more brands creating new blogs every day, hundreds of thousands will fail because:


  • They don't know what else to blog about so they relentlessly push product discounts

  • They fail to solve the problems of their prospective customers, providing no long term value

  • They blog sporadically so they do not gain a devoted following

  • They are unprofessionally written and do not follow a marketing strategy, hence doing more damage to their brand than good

  • Their tone is “off brand” delivering content in a voice that “sounds” too lofty, or struggling to be humorous

    BRANDTALK BLOGS gets it right. Every post is “on brand" and "on strategy,” written to reinforce your brand image for your very distinct and discerning community of prospects and customers.

    This Blog package will help you continue to build your brand and propel your clout and authority to the top of your field. Authentic, original, and written specifically for you. 

Buy a Package and SAVE 



3 Blogs $420.00

@$140 Per Blog



6 Blogs $780.00

@$130 Per Blog



12 Blogs a year.  $2800.00



24 Blogs $2,760.00

@$115 Per Blog

Want to try it out before committing to a package?

Single blogs can be purchased out of package for the rate of $160 per blog.




Prices above include content development only. Each Blog will run 300 to 600 words in length. 1 revise included.

Topics and research included in all packages. However, if you have your own topic ideas I won’t be offended!


Only accept major credit cards for packages. Package prices do not include posting, hosting, or image costs.


My BLOG Packages will deliver your business message through regularly-appearing, professionally-written articles that are both informative and entertaining. Your brands blog won’t just be out there: it will be out there—really working for you!






Blogs that post with images get 94% more total views than articles without using images.
Image research, purchase, branding and photoshopping of stock images @$195 per blog.