Well, that's fair enough, nobody wants to work with a stranger.

Hi, I'm Helene Abrams. I was born in the USA, raised in NJ and I currently reside in NYC and South Florida where you can find me strategically crafting brands, concepting logos, and creating forward-thinking marketing solutions for my clients nationwide.


In my spare time, you can find me either at the beach, watching a movie, rearranging furniture, or playing with my dog Buddy + my new wild child cat Pyewacket.

I am adept at InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator. 

I'm always up for a fresh, new challenge.


What I Do 

I help businesses of every size build, expand or repair their brands through strategic creative 

digital, print marketing.


My Approach

To make the complicated, simple. The impersonal, personal and turn clutter into clarity.


Who I Work With

My clients are made up of a wide range of sizes in a diverse range of industries. 


Strategic Brand Designer | Content Marketer

As a brand designer, I have a problem-solving mindset. I focus on the overall communication plan for your brand. I take complex information, distill it, and simplify it. Then I position your business for maximum impact. Brand strategy comes before diving into the design, to get clear on how your brand will be communicated and what it stands for. This strategy brings intention to the look of your brand – it guides the design of your logo, the fonts, the colors, the photography. As a designer, I create visuals on behalf of a brand and maintain the brand’s integrity, making sure the brand experience is at the forefront. As a content marketer, I creatively and strategically connect with your target audience by building a relationship and maintaining it both visually and verbally.

What you get when you

"consider yourself BRANDED"

I deliver it ALL; I offer a full range of digital and traditional design services. I work with businesses of all sizes, taking the time to understand their project goals and developing creative strategies that are real game-changers! With me, you’ll get the same benefits and expertise as you would if engaging a full-service studio or agency but at a much lower cost and with a single point of contact throughout the life of your project.

Well - Trained, Rounded, and Experienced; I hold a degree in graphic design and advertising from the top design school in the world, Pratt Institute. Having lived and worked in Manhattan, for 30 years I had the pleasure of working with – and learning from – some of the most fantastic creative people, agencies, and companies out there — My well-rounded experience has enabled me to craft an array of successful business communications for over three decades nationwide.

Specialties; Branding, Positioning, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Photoshop, Web Design, Print Design, and Production. Whether your project is online or off, you can count on me to deliver unique, clear, and engaging marketing – within tight deadlines, and within your budget.​ 

High-quality visuals to increase viewer interaction; Whether the project is for your website, e-newsletters, blog, social media platform, or it's a printed piece—my high-quality original branded visuals grab attention at a much higher rate than those using low-quality, standard stock or nonexistent imaging. 

Copy; Great response doesn't come from great design alone. Copy and visuals can make or break any marketing effort. When they work together, they reinforce and energize to communicate a powerful selling message. From a topical blog and social media posts, from creative ads to entire websites, to video scripts, there’s almost no type of marketing copy I haven’t written.

Boosted Productivity; As a designer that writes the copy, I save crucial project time. I understand which part of your project needs design support to lift the copy and which part of the copy can lift the design and I can easily and quickly make small tweaks to design or copy to accommodate your project requirements. 

Uncommon excellence, work ethic, and project turnaround times; I’m obsessive over craft, making it personal and keeping it simple. While I am extremely versatile and can meet the requirements of any business, I believe it’s my honesty and my work ethic that truly sets me apart from the rest. 

When you work with me, you'll never be kept waiting, or feel like you have to babysit a project or wonder how much things are going to end up costing. And best of all, I use all of my experience in digital and print to create a seamless client/customer experience.
My Promise 

Efficiency and reliability

Clear and consistent communication

A collaborative, highly consultative approach

Transparency about fees and availability

Honesty and integrity

A steadfast commitment to at all times delivering high quality, original creative work- on time and on budget.

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