Social Identity Packages 

Consistency is Key

Your audience expects to experience your brand in the same way, no matter where they’re experiencing it. Since every social media platform has different tools they require a unique approach. You must make sure your brand is not only unique enough to stand out from the crowd but recognized as your brand, before you even worry about marketing (posting) from it. With a consistent and strategic approach, the massive potential exposure for your business is undeniable.

Pick your package below and get your brand out there — REALLY WORKING FOR YOU


Media Art

Branding Package


This art package includes 2 of the following custom branded designs:

  • Facebook cover design
    + profile image


  • Twitter header design
    + profile image


  • LinkedIn header design
    + profile image


  • YouTube header design
    + profile image

This is the perfect package if you already have your social media setup and would like to upload a custom branded art. Simply pick your 2 platforms out of the list above and I will complete your Social Media Designs within 7 days of receiving the necessary materials. All files will directly emailed to you. 


Social Media 

Branding Package


This package includes
copy and visuals for
2 Platforms:

  • Facebook Branding

  • Twitter Branding

  • Instagram Branding

  • YouTube Branding

Simply pick your 2 platforms out of the list above and ALL your social media needs will be met. Providing continuity (overall consistent look and feel) throughout all your social media platforms. They will have the same color palette, similar messaging, and set your business apart with my unique visuals and targeted messaging! 



LinkedIn Profile
+ Company Page 

Branding Package


This branding package includes the following:

  • Audit + Complete SetUp

  • Targeted Professional Headline

  • Custom Tag Line

  • "Summary" Messaging

  • Branded Background Image

  • Photoshop of Profile Image ( if needed)

  • Custom Tabs w/Links

  • Branded Cover Art

  • Custom URL's

 Whether you need one service or need them all or you have no idea where to start — start here.
I'm ready for you!
LinkedIn Profile Branding
LinkedIn Profile Branding

LinkedIn Company Page Branding
LinkedIn Company Page Branding

Facebook Branding
Facebook Branding

LinkedIn Profile Branding
LinkedIn Profile Branding