Social Media Branding 

Consistency is Key

Your audience expects to experience your brand in the same way, no matter where they’re experiencing it. Since every social media platform has different tools and requires a unique approach, you must make sure your brand is recognized and identified, before you even worry about posting from it.

I offer a variety of creative ways to professionally customize your social brand identity with flexible Social Media Branding Packages that will fit into any budget. 

Pick your package below and get your brand out there — REALLY WORKING FOR YOU

Media Art

Branding Package


This art package includes 3 of the following designs:

  • Facebook Cover 

  • Twitter Header 

  • LinkedIn Header 

  • YouTube Channel Art 

This is the perfect package if you already have your social media setup and would like to upload a custom branded art. Simply pick your 3 platforms out of the list above and I will complete your Social Media Designs within 7 days of receiving the necessary materials. All files will directly emailed to you. 

LinkedIn Profile
Company Page 

Branding Package


This branding package includes the following:

  • Audit + Complete SetUp

  • Targeted Professional Headline

  • Custom Tag Line

  • "Summary" Messaging

  • Branded Background Image

  • Photoshop of Profile Image ( if needed)

  • Custom Tabs w/Links

  • Branded Cover Art

  • Custom URL's

Social Media 

Branding Package


This package includes
copy and visuals for
3 Platforms:

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • YouTube Channel

Simply pick your 3 platforms out of the list above and ALL your social media needs will be met. Providing continuity (overall consistent look and feel) throughout all your social media platforms. They will have the same color palette, similar messaging, and set your business apart with my unique visuals and targeted messaging! 


Look at each platform below—Then simply shoot me a email me or call me 917.674.1025 |

LinkedIn Profile Page Branding

Consider your LinkedIn account as an extension of your website and establish a strong brand presence there or you will lose out. It's the difference between looking like a professional or a mere newbie that your prospective customers/clients will not take seriously. Everyone has a personal brand whether they focus on it or not, so wouldn’t you like to decide how you’re represented and the impact you make?

If you are already on LinkedIn, chances are that you’re not using it to its full potential. It’s a great place to find new customers, build business partnerships and promote your website content – especially Blogs (LinkedIn Articles). In fact, in many cases, it can even send more website traffic than Twitter and Facebook.


LinkedIn Company Page Branding

LinkedIn offers businesses of any size to have a presence in an environment that is targeted, credible and genuine. Branding your LinkedIn Company Page is a great way to share content, while also giving your business credibility, and exposure. 

When your followers engage with your updates, it spreads your message to their networks and provides you even greater reach. Updates can be seen by your followers not just on your Company Page, but also on their newsfeed + across all devices.


Facebook Business Page Branding

With a consistent and strategic approach, the massive potential exposure for your business is undeniable.


Twitter Branding

Businesses have found Twitter to be a gold mine for getting their messages to the masses and interacting with customers. Twitter is a force to be reckoned with and a social media channel that can work effectively for any business so it's important that you not only grab your Twitter handle, but you also brand your Twitter account today!


YouTube Channel Branding

YouTube is an essential marketing tool for small businesses. Since YouTube is owned by Goggle, YouTube videos produce excellent search results. YouTube videos drive traffic and provide a much more accessible medium for accessing your customer base, building relationships, establishing your expertise.



For start-ups to clean-ups and everything in-between...

Whether you have a new project on your hands, or you’re looking for a longer-term design partner, or you need some brand coaching, 👩🏼‍💻 just fill out my client application below and I will be in touch soon, so I can find out more about your needs and how I can help you stand out 🙌

I am committed to respecting the privacy of your business ideas and recognize your need for appropriate protection and management of any information you share with me. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

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Save yourself from wasted hours, and marketing dollars, trying to figure it all out on your own...

consider yourself BRANDED.

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Save yourself from wasted hours, and marketing dollars, trying to figure it all out on your own...

consider yourself BRANDED.

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