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design and marketing advise and honest feedback, that you can't get from google or your friends.


When starting your business the normal tendency is to do everything yourself. You spend time/money on a logo and you put up your website. While you may know that the logo and website you created isn’t going to solve all your marketing problems, you’re kind-of hoping it will do the trick, or at least buy you some time till you can afford to hire professional help. Sound familiar? If it does. How's that been working for you?


Listen I get it. Everything is made to look so easy. If it were really that easy, then everyone would be rolling in money. My advice to anyone with a business, is to do everything you can to get a greater return on your investment- and that means getting professional advise from a branding expert. Maybe you didn’t think you couldn't afford to do that, maybe you thought you could do it yourself. Well, if your marketing isn't working for you - instead of wasting anymore of your time (which is money) — it's time to get ahead of the problem or at least stop it right where it is. 


This a chance for you to get a reality check. A chance to hear what prospective clients really think when they interact with your brand online for the first time. It's the absolute best way to get quick, honest feedback AND TIPS from a branding expert without breaking the bank.

How It Happens

After you book your Reality Check , I will send you a short questionnaire and schedule a time for our one hour call.

SESSION $300.00 

NOTE: You must pay for at THE FULL session @ $300.00  prior to scheduling.

In one hour, I’ll give you my objective, first impression of your brand. I’ll uncover what your brand is communicating from your website to your social media platforms, and I will give you actionable solutions that you can take advantage of right away !


Call me at: 917.674.1025 TO BOOK YOUR SESSION or If you have any questions about this session.

Please review phone session policies here. Payment means read and agree to terms.


After you book your Reality Check, I send you your short questionnaire and call you to set up a time for us to talk. 


After you send back the short questionnaire, I will personally dive into your online brand and  competitors in your market.


Join me on the phone for one hour of honest feedback and brand clarity!


For start-ups to clean-ups and everything in-between...

Whether you have a new project on your hands, or you’re looking for a longer-term design partner, or you need some brand coaching, 👩🏼‍💻 just fill out my client application below and I will be in touch soon, so I can find out more about your needs and how I can help you stand out 🙌

I am committed to respecting the privacy of your business ideas and recognize your need for appropriate protection and management of any information you share with me. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

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📍While I am now located in South Florida ; 80% of my clients are in different States. 

I am happy to work with you wherever you are.

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