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Cure a pain and you’ll have a customer for life!

Most businesses worry about not getting enough sales. Many attribute the success of a product to reasons like cost, marketing, etc. But, one of the very first things they should be worrying about is their ability to identify and solve their customer’s pain points. So, what are pain points? Pain points are the problem or problems your potential customers or clients are trying to find a solution for.“ It’s the thing that bugs them, nags at them, drives them nuts 🥜 trying to figure out how to fix, solve, or manage. 

YOUR MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE IS YOUR CUSTOMERS PAIN. 😭LOOK FOR THE PAIN🤕 “The thing that keeps your target market up at night.” 😫" People will happily pay 💰 for their problems to go away. So, your focus should be on providing a “CURE”, 💊 DEVELOPING A CURE💊

These pains are used as opportunities by successful big brands. Identifying pain points have never been an easy task that’s why smaller businesses use assumptions as an easier way out. But no matter what size your business you own, you need to know what your customers are thinking to gain their attention. I put together these methods below to help you dig deeper into what your customers are really looking for. 

Here are a few methods to help you recognize those pain points.

Take a Look at Your Competitors

Despite your best efforts, there could be certain buyer personas that are out of your reach. However, that doesn’t mean you can never gain their attention. It’s just that your messaging strategy doesn’t resound with those customers’ needs. Here’s where you can get help from your competition. Every business uses a different approach and analyzing them lets you stay informed on how they work.

– Evaluate their website particularly the pricing, FAQs and features pages. Find out the pain points that you have missed and see if you can incorporate it into your website and in your own words. 

– Look at their websites or look at their social media posts and take a close look at their marketing copy. While on google search for “Frequently Asked Questions” related to your industry.

Check Out You Competitors Online Reviews

Reviews are a great way to fish for customer pain points. Check what your customers write about Competitors on their websites, or on their social media platforms. If you want to take it up a notch, look at the review sites because they are a repository of customer grievances. With many users taking to online platforms to write reviews, you can find the pros and cons of both your brand and competition from a customer’s perspective. In fact, you can even find some suggestions that could work for your business.

Survey Customers with the Right Questions

Most often you’d think, what can be so difficult about sending out a survey to your customers. At other times, you’d be trying to find out why customers don’t respond to your surveys. I’ve been there. The problem is not so much with the survey itself than it is with the questions you ask. 

Only the right questions get you the answers and insights you’re looking for. Take a look at these questions:

The options make no sense and don’t give any quantitative insights.

Now, here’s the same question with different options.

Offer the Best Solution for your Customers’ Pain Points

After you’ve identified the major pain points of your customers, it’s time to provide the best possible solution. You may be able to discover new ways of interacting with your customers, provide new products or services, and/or improving your current products, services, and system.

Botton line:

Focus on healing. Focus on your prospect's biggest problems and how you'll make their pain disappear and you’ll have a customer for life. 🙋‍♂️🙋



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