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Does Your Small Business Feel Invisible?

When you started your own business it was because you had something special to offer. Whether it's was a new product or a service you provide, you knew that once word got out- you would have plenty of customers and/or clients. But it's a really crowded world on the web, and it's no surprise that as a small business owner you are starting to find that you look and sound just like everyone else in your market. That's because times have changed and you can no longer just put up a website and expect your business offer to be remembered. If you are not advertising sooner rather than later—you will start to feel invisible.  

Of course big brands do advertising, but you don't need to be a big brand to be successful. You don't need a big budget either, because creativity and strategies are often easy to implement on social media especially when working with a marketing studio that caters to small business owners.

Your strategy Your strategy should be based around promoting one single, solid benefit so you must know what motivates your target audience to buy. If you already have a brand  strategy then half the job is done already- and it just becomes about making the visual and the verbal come together in a stand-out kinda way. 

Advertising Campaigns Effective advertising puts the right marketing message in front of the right people at the right time. It increases awareness of what your business offers, helps you find new customers and can therefore boost your sales.

Get specific Your advertising campaign needs specific with well-defined goals-such as building awareness of your products and services or strengthening your brand. The rule of thumb is to create at least 3 ad variations -either varying the ad text, varying the call-to- action or varying the images. Just make sure they all have a similar look and tone (or it's not a campaign). 

If you need help with a creative idea and design that's as unique as your business, brand or organization contact me at:

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