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The Key To A Successful Website

Anyone can have a website these days. It's pretty straightforward. Just purchase a cheap hosting plan, install a WordPress template, spend an hour or two creating content and off you go. So why do some websites succeed at generating customers while others seem to remain sadly idle day after day? It comes down to this; Branding. A website can get visitors moving to your digital space, but it is branding that creates customers.

Branding is defined by Investopedia as:

A distinguishing symbol, mark, logo, name, word, sentence or a combination of these items that companies use to distinguish their product from others in the market.”

Branding is a combination of various elements that tell your target audience why you are different from the competition. It sets your company apart in ways that often reach the subconscious, triggering positive impressions of the products and services you offer.

Why I Know That Brand Strategy Matters Most

As a successful brand developer with 25 years of design and marketing experience, I have seen company after company begin the development stage of a website without knowing what it is they want to say. They put a lot of effort into beautiful graphics and creative design elements with no vision in place. This is the fastest way to end up with a website that is over budget and under-productive. I do things differently. I start with branding to produce a cohesive and unified message that can then be used to weave a website and much more.

By developing a brand first, I lay the foundation on which all other aspects of a business are built – including website design and implementation. Yet branding goes far beyond just the company website. It is the engine that drives all of the communications between a business and its customers.

My Branding Strategy Involves Three Primary Components:


The most important component of branding is telling your story. Who are you? What does your company do? Why is your company the best choice for the desired products and services? Branding answers these questions by telling a story in a way the target audience can relate to. I tell your story by first getting to know you, your company, and your goals and visions. I then combine that information with my knowledge of your target audience to create a compelling brand story capable of making a strong emotional connection. Connecting with your audience on a personal level is what creates loyal customers who tell their friends about your company.


In order to tell your story, you need cohesive content that flows across every page of your website. This is the second component to successful branding. If you already have an existing website, I will audit all of your current content in relation to your brand story, vision and goals. Some content can be adjusted while other content may need to be eliminated. In either case, the result will be content that gives your audience a reason to interact with you and your company.

I construct wireframes and content templates for each brand, whether dealing with an existing website or starting from scratch. This is done in order to make sure content presents a clear and cohesive story that engages with customers. My strategy is not limited to blog posts and informational articles; it is an all-inclusive strategy covering everything from social media to website copy to e-mail communications and print.


At the end of the day, your website is nothing without a visual presentation. The combination of your brand story and content must be presented to your target audience in a way that connects with them where they are. Remember, establishing that emotional connection is key to creating loyal customers.

Designing your visual presentation covers choices ranging from color palette to graphics to type font. Not only do we need to create something that is visually appealing, we also need a presentation that fits naturally into your brand story. There is no quicker way to render a website impotent than to use a visual presentation that contrasts with the brand. Economically, good design increases sales through increased acceptance and awareness of your products and services.

Take a honest look at your current website.

Was it rushed, overpriced, low quality, Was it was created from one of those website template companies? Does your logo have ZERO meaning and is not unique? I am a strong believer that a brand strategy should be intrinsically linked with your all your marketing activities to generate awareness, build loyalty and drive sales. Because at the end of the day the only differentiation between you and your competition is your branding.

Before you think about building or remaking your website; think about the overall picture. That’s been my approach since 1995, and it makes me unique. Let's work together to build your website based on cohesive branding. By using this strategy, we can invite visitors who will then be converted to customers. My strategy has helped many brands like yours solve problems and transform ideas into rich brand experiences and it can work for you too! I will assist you in reaching your fullest marketplace potential by providing you all the key elements you need to build and grow your business — online and off .

I also provide specific strategic services:

  • Hourly Consulting

  • BrandStorming

  • Social Media Branding

If you’d like to find out more about working with me, email me at

Let me know what you’re looking for, and I will drop you an email straight back with my availability!

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