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Five Bad Marketing Habits That Can Destroy Your Branding

Great brands aren’t just born, they are carefully developed and nurtured. It’s critical that you communicate your brand through every customer experience everyday, because even a well-developed brand can be destroyed after its created.

The goal of branding is to have your business be the first one that customers think about when they need a product or service in your industry. That goal will be hard to achieve if you don’t follow and stick with your tight, consistent brand identity when it comes to marketing.

Here’s Five Bad Marketing Habits That Will Destroy Your Brand:

1) Having No Marketing Strategy

You invested in your branding, so make sure you invest in a marketing strategy. Make sure your marketing is creative and reflects your uniqueness. A marketing strategy is the result of decisions being made about how your product or service will be promoted to your target customer.

2) Forgetting Your Brand's Message

Successful branding is achieved over time, not overnight, and consistency is the key. Once you establish a simple, persuasive, message, you must stick with it and continue to deliver that message time and time again.

Delivering a consistent message doesn’t mean you must always use the same words and art . But it does mean that you must stay relevant and bring fresh, new ideas to your campaigns while ensuring that everything you do remains consistent with your brand message.

3) Doing Copy Cat Marketing

If you take your advertising and marketing cues based on what other brands in your industry are doing, and lose your unique identity in the process and get lost in the crowd. In today’s over crowded markets brands are easy to lose. The only way to be unique is with your brand marketing.

4) Repeating Marketing Tactics- Same old, Same old

If you do the same thing over and over, time after time and never consider a fresh marketing approach you’re in danger of becoming a out-dated.

5) Using Poor Photos

People are visual learners, (enough said).

The Take Away: All facets of your marketing and promotional materials should convey the same design sense

with coordinated colors, fonts, styles, and spacing. That way, every time anyone comes into contact with your brand, he/she sees a consistent, uniform brand identity and makes the connection to your business.

Your marketing needs to be nurtured, so you can stay in business, grow your business, stand out above the crowd, attract, engage, and win more customers than your competition.

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