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YouTube Is Removing Branding Options

Here's What You Need To Know... YouTube's Announcement

Based on many creators telling us they prefer to add in their own intros during the editing process, we’re removing the branding introduction feature. Channels that currently have or previously had a branding introduction will still be able to use this feature through March 31, 2015. If you’re currently using a branding intro that you’d like to keep, you can choose to permanently link it to your current videos on your channel's Branding page. If you don’t choose to keep your branding intro, we will automatically remove it from all of your videos after March 31, 2015.

Here's Two Options To Consider:

Consider that every video you post is potentially the very first video that someone is seeing of your business. Branding intros are short clips that you can add to the beginning of your videos in order to help promote your brand and channel. (Watch the video samples below).

Intro Video Option 1

An intro video for your brand that will automatically plays before all your YouTube videos start.

Intro Video Option 2

An intro video with a brief teaser about the video.

I created the two videos above for my client Megan Wessels and I can do the same for you. (You can watch out more videos on her website at: ECOEarth).

If you need a creative and compelling video intro that fits within your budget then...

"consider yourself BRANDED" and get your brand out there—really working for you!

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