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7 Versatile Ways To Use Social Media Cover Images To Market Your Brand

There are plenty of ways to use your social media cover images to promote your business.

You can implement different tactics at different times, depending on what’s currently going on in your business. To optimize your social presence, you must ensure that the images you’re using to represent you or your brand are the highest quality and the best fit for the various networks and placements.

1) Business Overview

Use your cover images to tell people exactly what they can expect from your business.

2) Highlight an Upcoming Event

Have an upcoming show, speaking event or other exciting announcement? Put it on your cover image.

3) Promote your Brands Lifestyle

If you have a lifestyle product or service, consider how you might depict that to your audience. You may find it more effective than a shot of your product.

4) Highlight Your Recent Content

If you have some popular content on your site, highlight it on your cover photo. You might also temporarily change the URL on your profile to send them directly to the appropriate page on your site instead of the home page.

5) Announce a New Product and Promote a Hashtag

Use professional photography when showcasing your products. If you want to promote a custom hashtag (and why wouldn’t you?) make it easy by including it in the cover image.

6) Showcase Your Personality

You don’t have to be a big a personality. You can appeal to people by just being you. Showcase your accomplishments, your passions, and your winning smile.

7) Set the Tone

Keeping all your branding consistent with the tone and substance of your marketing makes people want to follow and interact.

So have fun mixing up your cover image up and keep things fresh, but remember to always be consistent with your branding. If you are looking for help you create next cover image please feel free to reach out to me at consider yourself BRANDED.” I can help with a concept and design like the ones I created for my clients in the above samples.

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