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Does your brand blog?


Why Blogging is Essential The rules of the search game keep changing with every tweak that search companies make to their algorithms. Keeping up with these changes is a challenge in itself. We will examine some of those changes, and explain how you can use these changes to your business advantage. By following the guidelines detailed here, your website will experience a marked increase in traffic, help you maintain position, and increase your rank in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search sites.

What You Need to Know About Search Engines Now

The importance of website content has been written about elsewhere and for quite some time. What has changed recently is that Google and other search companies are now filtering out websites that generate average or less than average written content.

Yes, content is still king, however, only the best content is able to rise to the top. The noise level produced by millions of websites, many competing in the same space and for the same customers, has encouraged Google and other search companies to push the best content to the forefront. No longer is it good enough to produce mediocre blog posts and cheaply spun articles. No longer can website marketers count on keywords to forge their websites path to the top of the search engine results page. Without actively blogging on the topics relevant to your business, your website doesn't stand a chance amongst the competition.

SEO Is Not What It Used to Be

On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods that used to guarantee you top ranking no longer work as well as they once did. Off-page methods that worked two years ago are now rendered useless and ineffective in the effort to promote websites.

Sites that once stood atop the search engine results page now find that their position is falling, even though they are still implementing the same practices they were using five, or even 10 years ago.

Keeping up with the multitude of algorithm changes that Google and other search companies are making becomes an exercise in futility.

A Holistic Approach to Staying Competitive

Many businesses know they need to take advantage of social media to gain visibility, prospects, and customers, but don’t know how to maintain social channel presence cost- and time-effectively. Furthermore, as discussed above, SEO in its old form is no longer as effective as it once was. A holistic approach to promoting your business online is essential. The merging of Website Design, Social Media, Content Marketing, and SEO based on a strong Brand Strategy, will ensure the success of your business. Any of these parts alone is not enough to rise above the competition.

How Blog Postings Will Benefit Your Business

Blogging programs, combined with social media, are extremely effective in meeting and exceeding goals and objectives. It doesn’t matter whether your business serves the B2C market or the B2B market, each and every business can use and benefit from blogging.

Blog postings will benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Stand out from your competitors

  • Improve Google and other search engines ranking by offering up fresh content more frequently

  • Draw potential new customers to your website

  • Increase the opportunity for viral publicity of your business

  • Establish you and your business as a "thought leader" and expert in your field

  • Increase the social reach of your website

  • Offer your prospects and clients/customers additional opportunities to engage

  • Establish trust

  • Building Your Mailing List

What others have to say about the power of a successful blog posting program:

“The art of blogging has been around for decades, but many businesses are just starting to realize the true impact blogs can have on their search engine marketing and SEO campaigns. The result: Business-related blogs are popping up everywhere, proving to be a very marketable and profitable SEO tool.” - SEO expert Bruce Clay

“Maintaining a blog for a business website is very important, irrespective of your existing social media marketing strategy. Blogs can help humanize the business and create strong relationships with customers and prospects in a way simply tweeting or posting company updates can not.” - Brendon Schenecker, Forbes

“Websites that blog regularly receive 55% more traffic and over 80% more leads than websites that don’t.” - Search marketing expert Matthew Capala

What Should You Do NOW?

Over a million blogs are published daily. Your business has to have a voice in your market. If you have not introduced a blog to your website because of time, money or staff talent constraints, you must reverse that decision in light of the current digital landscape (not to mention your competition) Start a blog. Publish it regularly. Consider outsourcing content development and blog posting to professionals.

To view our selection of Blogging Packages, visit or call us at 917-674-1025.

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