I work in both digital and print platforms. 


Turn around time is subject to a number of factors. “consider yourself BRANDED” will create comps for each design round within 2 days or less. The client’s ability to review and discuss design phases influences the speed with which each project is completed.

Why do I need to provide final content before the design phase begins?

My design work is specifically tailored to your needs and I use your final content for exact placement within the design. *You will have the opportunity to work on your content during the project planning phase, which comes before the design phase.

When do you need final content for each project ?

The fastest and most cost effective way for us to work is using your final and proofread written content. The content must be provided in an editable format, such as pdf, google docs, email body, etc.  

What about handling multiple projects? 

Glad you asked. Handling multiple projects ( web, print ) work the same way. Together we will determine a Project Schedule that make sense for all your needs.


Planning Phase

Phase 1  

Start of project

-Determine design format 


Phase 2

Content writing begins 

-Content presented for edits 

-Client makes edits

-Content edits presented

-Content is proofread by client and returned

-Final approval of copy*

Design Phase

Phase 3

Design Process begins

-First round design presented

-Proofread by client

-Revise presented

-2nd round revise presented

-Final design presented

- Sign off of the design


Phase 4 🙌

Project completion. Hand off to client, or printer, or launch site. 

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For start-ups to clean-ups and everything in-between...

Whether you’ve got a new project on your hands or you’re looking for a longer term design partner 👩🏼‍💻 just fill out my client application below to schedule a free discovery call with me, so I can find out more about your needs and how I can help you stand out 🙌

I am committed to respecting the privacy of your business ideas and recognize your need for appropriate protection and management of any information you share with me. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

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👩🏼‍💻 Shoot me an email at: helene@cybranded.com

or feel free to call me at: 917-674-1025

📍While I am now located in West Palm Beach Florida ; 50% of my clients are in different time zones. 

I am happy to work with you wherever you are.

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