Intro Videos

Intro Videos are short clips that you can add to the beginning of your videos to help promote your brand and channel. "consider yourself BRANDED" produces creative and compelling video content to fit your budget.


Consider two options for your intro videos.



Intro Video Option 1

An intro video for your brand that will automatically plays before all your YouTube videos start.


Intro Video Option 2

An intro video with a brief teaser about the video. 


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If your business needs a custom jingle or a short piece of music, I work with talented composers who are ready, willing and able to set the tone for your brand.


Samples: Intro videos with custom Jingle for Eco Earth's "Recycling School T.V."

Sample: Intro Video Option 1

Sample:  Intro Video Option 2 

Due to the complicated nature of each companies needs, price will be quoted after a free consultation. Call 917-674-1025