Small Business Owners.

Rent My Brain

Maybe you spent thousands of dollars and ended up with a cookie cutter website that took months and months to complete and in the end you had very little to show and even less to work with when it comes to your marketing. Or maybe, you have spend your valuable time learning how to put up your own website (because you fell victim to the "build your own website kool-aide) only to now realize that you are coming across as a confused brand. 

You know something has to be done but you are running out of ideas and money. No worries— my brain is for rent!

These sessions are all designed to help you get your brand out there—really working for you!

These sessions will help you if;


• You are using a website template but you have no idea how to stand out from everyone else using the same template  .


• New competitors have emerged

• You have a new product or service that needs to be launched.


• You are losing market share


• Your offering is complicated


• You have run out of ideas and/or creative thinking not your thing. 


Point Of View Strategy Session

This session is ideal if you know how to update your current website technically, but do not know what to do strategically or creatively. 

Lost Brand Session 

Looking for expert feedback, fresh creative insight and a clear path of action? —This all in one all-about-you, on-target conversation will help you find your lost brand fast. Rent my brain and find your Lost Brand today! 

Brandstorming Session 

Start with a Marketing problem. End with a solution. It’s that simpleThis session is ideal if you are someone who can not afford to hire a someone to do their brand marketing, but would rather at this time "rent this service" to get great marketing ideas you can do yourself.

All session combine my vast knowledge in web and print with my over 30 years of expertise in creative brand building and creative marketing ideas. They will examine the Strengths, Problems, Opportunities and Threats facing Strategic vision delivered for future initiatives and active development. 

Please note: These sessions do not include graphics, brand guidelines or branding books. I accept all major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), bank transfers, and PayPal accounts.


I honor and respect your time as being valuable. I'm sure you also respect my time. Therefore I have put these policies in place so please review before book. Booking a session means that you agree to these policiesIn order to assure we are ready to start at the top of the hour I will reach out to you 10 mins. before the hour.  



Consultant Initiated Rescheduling or Cancellation


Requests to reschedule:  

  • Rescheduling requests will only be accepted least 24 hours in advance via email to No other method of transmission will be accepted.



  • You may request to reschedule without penalty by notifying Helene at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time. I will then provided the opportunity to agree to rescheduleby emailing you. If i do not receive a response back within 7 business days I will consider this a *No-Show.

  • Please note that these sessions get booked daily and I am only a one-woman studio, so I may not be able to reschedule your session right away. However you can alway check back on this page to view open time slots. If you find one that works simply call me ( do not rebook and repay via this site) 


Missed calls:

If you fail to answer your phone or you give a incorrect phone number you will be given 15 mins to call me at 1-917-674-1025 . This will result in your session going from a 60 min session to a 45 min session. If you fail to show up at all, then there will be no refund or rescheduling 



If you fail to respond to my rescheduling email or you fail to show up at all for the call there will be no refund or rescheduling.