I help solopreneurs and small to medium sized businesses just like yours build and market their brands by finding their unique greatness and creating design solutions that are powerful, memorable and above all, unequivocally theirs. 

"consider yourself BRANDED" and turn your brand into the only one.
Competition GONE. 



I have all the key services to build and grow your business covered; From strategy, to logo design, branding business identity to tagline development, from graphic design and copywriting, from tradeshow banners, print collateral to custom creative social images to blogs, newsletters, from custom icons to complete style and brand guidelines. 



My packages go beyond just a logo, I work with you to explore what defines your business as a brand. Allowing me to not only provide you with a beautiful logo, but to position your business with the strategy & marketing tools that will elevate your business' image & reach your target audience.

As a solopreneur, I understand the importance of branding and image, but I also understand smaller businesses can't always stretch to the ‘Big Agency’ price tag, which is where my branding and marketing packages come in.


Consider how amazing it would be if your business had a brand designer on call to help you whenever you need it? 

Consider getting expert advise you can't get from the google or your friends. 


I'm taking part in a series of ethical business moves that help create a more sustainable, kinder and fair business world built on trust + honesty! 


My clients range from startups to small, medium and larger companies. Most have been with me for a minimum of 6 years. Some have even been with me for over 20 years! I believe it speaks volumes about my dedication and the relationships we build, but don't just take my word for it...


 Ready to take your cookie-cutter business to the next level?

"consider yourself BRANDED