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consider yourself BRANDED” provides unique strategic solutions & creative differentiation for service-based businesses ready to position their brands apart from all other players in their market.

My tailor-made game plans are grounded in strategy, differentiated by creativity, and intentionally designed to target the right audience, help them understand the value of your services, ultimately, positioning you apart from all others by giving you the brand advantage you deserve.













Business Strategy focuses on your long-term goals and service offers to deliver more value and make your business more money!


Brand Strategy positions your business away from others in your market and creatively shapes an identity used to interact with your ideal target audience. 




Identity Design translates your strategy into a powerful game-changing distinctive identity system that's instantly recognizable and impossible to ignore. Ensuring a seamless experience as your brand interacts with your ideal target audience.




Digital and Print Marketing are strategic landscapes of opportunities to connect with your intended audience, gain trust, amplify your value, and solidify your brand's position in the market.





Guided strategy workshops produce an in-depth playbook that covers your ideal audience, brand value, positioning, brand identity, brand story, messaging, and visual direction. This is the holy grail for every new business and design decision made after. 

Typical Deliverables Include:

• Ideal Customers/Clients

• Brand Positioning

• Brand Personality and Identity

• Naming/Tagline

• Service/Package Creation 

• Brand Story/Messaging 

• Visual Direction 

• Implementation Checklist



I creatively translate your strategy into a powerful game-changing brand identity system that reflects your personality and position providing maximum clarity, distinction & connection.

Typical Deliverables Include:

• Logo Design

• Color Palette

• Typography

• Iconography

• Brand Guidelines 

• Creative campaign to support your brand launch



Built on strategy and fueled with creativity, I maximize your impact while minimizing resources by deploying end-to-end marketing solutions tailored to your brand's unique needs.

Typical Deliverables Include:

• Website (copy & images included)

• Social Media Branding

• Custom Images/Graphics

• AD/Marketing Campaigns

• Print Collaterall 

• Branded templates for Canva and more...

Read What Clients Have To Say...


Jason Silverglate | CEO | Continuous Networks 

Before we "considered ourselves BRANDED, we generated $348,238 in sales. Today, Continuous Networks generates $7.73 million in sales!​ 

Even our competitors compliment our branding and marketing. 


Need I say more? 

Growing your brand shouldn’t be a struggle. I developed a monthly retainer program that rewards businesses that make a commitment to their branding and marketing efforts.



To do things differently you need a partner who thinks differently.

Hi, I'm Helene Abrams, As a dyslexic thinker, I am wired to think differently because I see things differently. As a creative visual thinker, I quickly make strategic connections and find differentiation possibilities most others miss.


If you're ready to create change at scale, and speed — Partner with me

and you’ll get your tailor-made “Brand Advantage Game Plan

to attract opportunities, visibility, revenue, and recognition!

  • How do I know whether this is right fit for me and my business?
    There are thousands of design options out there. There are many freelance designers (and companies offering cheap logo designs) who are happy to take direction from you and create options. But sometimes designers get caught up in executing a design and can’t see the big picture. They fail to ask questions like “What are your goals? How is your company positioned among others in the marketplace? What value do you offer that your ideal customers can’t get anyywhere? Who are your ideal customers? What appeals to those people? Why are you doing this business anyway, and how is that connected to your brand’s identity and through the rest of your communication via design and copy? If questions like these are important to you (and they should be), you’ll need strategic and creative thinking partner if you want your brand or project to have a real impact on your business. As you explore other options out there, you’ll find what I offer is unmatched when it comes to the depth, customization and comprehensive support that I provide. I believe in collaboration, but I also believe in doing only what’s strategical and practical to get you to the next step. I value working quickly and efficiently. I want your investment in smart strategic branding and marketing have immediate impact, and I believe I can help make your business more profitable, recognizable, and more valued by the right people. If it’s essential that your have a branding partner who understands you and your business before they create anything and you’re ready to discover the right game plan for success by defining and prioritizing your goals, Book a free 15 min call with me today!
  • Why should I choose you rather than others who only specialize in one thing like brand strategy, visual identity, copywriting and website design?
    If you have ever tried working with one expert here, and another there you know there’s no consistency between them. Such problems can lead to, unseen expenses, wasted time, confusing marketing, and missed opportunities. No such worries here. With over 3 decades of professional working expertise in strategy, design thinking, copywriting, creative marketing and production (print and digital), you can trust I will deliver a strategic seamless brand experience that will make your brand make more sense and then make more money!
  • Have you done any work in my industry?
    I am not industry specific. For 30 years I’ve worked across almost every conceivable industry— giving me a thorough understanding of the myriad of business models, ownership structures, owner motivations, business challenges, business cycles and competitive challenges. This depth of experience provides me with the ability to grasp the subtleties that define one challenge and differentiate the best answer from all the possible options until the problem has been solved and the road is paved!
  • What if I just need a logo?
    You're limiting the potential of your business when you show up with "just a logo.” A logo has one job— to be memorable and it can’t do “all the heavy lifting,”there's so much more that lies underneath. Having "just a logo" doesn't tell your whole story. It doesn't find, connect or resonate with your ideal audience. And without that connection and emotional tie, your business suffers. Ultimately, you're affecting your sales, your awareness and your recognition. You're holding your business back, and let’s be honest— you would be throwing your money out the window. I don't want that for you. I created "Small But Mighty Game Plan" to position your brand to win with a strategic new brand identity on a small budget! Come back for deets or Book a free 15 min call with me today!
  • What if a just want a rebrand?
    Brand design is strategy made visual. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, it’s important to have a strategic plan. Rebranding should never be superficial. (nothing "designed" should be superficial). It has to be properly considered and specified to meet clear business goals. If you don’t know the value and purpose of your rebrand, don’t do it.
  • Can I hire you for a retainer package even if I haven’t done any strategy sessions with you?
    Yes. Learn how it works here.
  • Do you work on do one-off jobs, like just a website?
    I work only with clients go through strategy first. Here's why: I don't just create website I create brand experiences for your ideal clients. Your website is only part of what your brand needs. The deeper need is creating a valuable, a memorable brand identity and consistent brand messaging. In order it to all that—you need strategy first. Remember, " Websites bring your visitors, brand strategy gets you ideal clients."
  • What's the difference of business strategy vs brand strategy?
    A strong business strategy and brand strategy and are both essential for a successful and sustainable business. When you are clear about where you want to take your business, your brand will help you get there. So, investing time and resources into developing both, is the key to making your business thrive! Business Strategy is focused on achieving specific business goals, such as increasing revenue, expanding into new markets, or launching new services or products and making strategic decisions more focused on the operational side of things. Brand Strategy is focused on creating a strong, memorable brand identity that resonates with your target audience to reach your goals. Learn more
  • What if I just want strategy?
    Strategy + Playbook is 6k. There's no obligation to use these other branding and marketing offers unless you choose to. However if you choose a "Game Plan Package," then a tailored strategy and playbook for your package is included.
  • If I do strategy with you but not identity or marketing, can I get still help implementing the strategy without a package?
    Yes, If you don’t choose a package, after completing your strategy, we’ll have a next-steps call to consider where you would like help in implementing your plan. Past clients have hired me to: • Help them design their logo and brand • Design templates for their marketing efforts • Art direct their new website • Write copy for their website • Develop a content strategy • Provide ongoing brand consulting
  • What if I'm building a personal brand?
    Positioning a personal brand to win, follows the same process as business branding.
  • Do you do all the work in the studio?
    Yes, I am a One-Stop Studio without the big agency overhead, pricing and far more personal. That means you go from strategy to launch to marketing with one partner.
  • What are your hourly rates?
    The work I create is value based. Branding your business is an investment and I don’t take this lightly. Done right, branding will last you for years to come and make a true impact on your business. As everyone is different and every project is different, after our discovery call, I can guide you toward the right game plan or retainer package for your business and budget. I also offer retainer packages for on-going print and digital projects. (learn more)
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    As a studio that focuses on value, I don’t believe in discounting however I do believe in offering value like no other! If you decide to work with me beyond strategy I offer value based packages. Your package will deliver everything you need to attract your audience, build a relationship with them and win their business. This approach gives you the greatest return on your investment and saves you money in the long run. Keep in mind, you can pay for your branding and marketing project separately, and you receive addition value if you pay all services upfront.
  • Do you offer payment plans for your strategy, brand design and marketing?
    No. Here's why: To keep my prices affordable have a strict policy of not leading money to other businesses. (And let’s talk strategy), In today's world you can get a new 24 months interest free credit card which is a far better deal than “any studio” could offer you.
  • How do you accept payment?
    Due to the digital nature of the work, I require 100% up front. I accept payments via bank transfer or PayPal ( where you can use your credit card) or via bank transfer.
  • Can we still work together if we live in states or countries?
    Yes. All business is simply conducted via zoom video calls phone calls, text and email as needed.
  • What's the fastest way to reach you?
    📱The fastest way to reach out is to call or by text. ⏰ EST 10am- 7pm 🇺🇸 USA: (917) 674-1025 🌏 INTERNATIONAL:



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