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If you're a coach, consultant, or service provider following the same playbook as everyone else, you're playing a losing game. The key to successful branding and marketing lies in understanding our goals and the needs of both your brand and your target audience.


Welcome to "consider yourself BRANDED," your one-stop studio for all branding, communication, and marketing needs. Here as the name suggests, you take center stage as we embark on a transformative journey to outmaneuver your competition with your own tailor-made competitive advantage game plan that positions your brand to win!

In the game of business, every move counts

Imagine having a strategic game plan for where you want to take your business, own-able stand-out brand positioning, well-defined messaging, a brand identity that reinforces your distinctiveness, and creative marketing that not only attracts attention from your target audience but turns your brand into their preferred choice!

No wasted time or money searching for various experts to bring your strategy to life. My streamlined 3 Step Competitive Advantage process is crafted to ensure a seamless brand experience at every touchpoint to form a bond in hearts and minds —because I know when your brand strategy, visual identity, and marketing all align toward the same mission, your moves become intentional, your competition becomes irrelevant, and your success will become inevitable!

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Tired of your competitors outplaying you? Ashamed of your bland brand?

Lost about what your next move should be? Ready to make every move purposeful and effective?

Let's identify and harness your strengths, mitigate challenges, and position your brand for maximum clarity, connection, and agility!

Brands Brought To Life

Here's how I partnered up with some clients to bring their brands to life through my strategic and creative processes, their highest vision, and my technical know-how.

Read What Some Clients Have To Say...


Jason Silverglate CEO | Continuous Networks 

Before we "considered ourselves BRANDED, we generated $348,238 in sales. Today, Continuous Networks generates $7.73 million in sales!​ 

Even our competitors compliment our branding and marketing. 


Need I say more? 

Reasons To Consider Me Your Strategic Partner


Helene Abrams | Brand Strategist - Designer | Dyslexic Thinker

About three decades ago, I acquired a degree in graphic design and advertising from Pratt Institute, and I've been doing it happily, professionally, and successfully ever since.

I consider myself very lucky that I connected with who I was — to what I wanted to do  — and what I was good at, early on in my life. I want to help you connect the best of you to your calling so you can be happy and successful in your own business and live the life you deserve. 

I believe we are all born with a calling. But we are not given the game plan. My calling is simple, I aim to ensure you fulfill your calling by positioning you and your brand to win by using my competitive advantages to your advantage!

My Competitive Advantages


The Dyslexia Advantage

As a Dyslexic Thinker, I can see things from many directions and angles all at once to connect the dots. This also allows me to see past unnecessary details to gain a strategic, much faster way of coming up with perspectives and solutions most would never think of. 


The Art + Copy Advantage

My design education + years of creative experience have helped me understand the relationship between copy and visuals in a way that most copywriters and designers alone don't. In my mind, they are the same thing. They are a unified message. That's how I work and that's why, unlike many others, copy + visuals are included in my service, and make certain the work together to enhance your message and boost your brand.

time to consider yourself BRANDED

The Productivity Advantage

As a designer who also writes the copy, I save crucial project time by doing both. That is because I understand which part of your project needs design to lift the copy and which part of the copy can lift the design and I can easily tweaks to design or copy to accommodate the project. This is huge as most times when art and copy come from two different places it leads to unseen expenses and missed deadlines.

You’ve got the vision, the passion, and the drive; now we need to get you the game plan!

Guided by 30 years of experience, I make the whole game safe, smooth, and stress-free and I promise to make the journey as rewarding as the results!

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