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Get the ultimate brand advantage game plan that will position your brand like no other!

Leverage your vision, value, and difference with intentional game-changing moves that make your competition irrelevant, and your success inevitable!

My clients are ready to pivot. Sometimes they’re launching a new business, and they want to show up with a clear and confident point of view. Other times, they’re industry leaders looking to carve a new niche in an otherwise crowded space. In any case, my clients want to hone their strategic advantages and make it all mean something to the people who matter. 

To do that, I guide decision-makers through a creative brand strategy process that yields clarity, focus, and direction for you, your brand.  

You then have the action plan

for your brand, and separation 

from your competitors. 

Strategic Advantage 

The action plan informs how your personality is expressed and therefore shapes your visual identity (including your logo brand assets).

There's nothing like watching your brand come to life with curated and professional brand designs, that set you apart from all others and establish a unique connection with your audience.

Distinctive Advantage 

Then I use the principles of integrated brand marketing to engage with audiences and foster real connections. From digital to print, everything aligns your vision, and strategy together —all supported by seamless creative and technical execution.

Brand Execution Advantage 


Copy and images work together to enhance your message and boost your brand. That’s why, unlike others, copy and images are included in all projects.

This also ensures your projects will never be held up waiting for copy to be written by another. 

Copy+Images Advantage 

Dyslexic Advantage.png

As a dyslexic thinker, my brain is hard-wired to connect the dots. Where others see obstacles, I find ways around them. This allows me to design brand positioning and brand experiences that most others would never people would never even dream of.

My clients tell me my dyslexic thinking is their secret weapon!

Dyslexic Advantage 

No need to waste time trying to hire a whole team of people and try to get them on the page! Instead, consider the advantage of a creative strategic partner who also has a professional process, and the technical know-how for all your business's digital and print marketing needs. 


Delivering on time, and always within your budget.

Productive Advantage 
Learn about my background 


Of all my competitive advantages, I truly believe that it's my work ethic, that truly sets me apart.


I am not an hourly freelancer. I am a business partner providing value to my clients to build and grow their brands. To do that, I engage with a limited number of clients to deliver the level of strategic insights and impactful creative solutions that yield both results and long-term relationships. My fees are based on the value of my strategic thinking, and creativity and are always agreed upon in advance.

My stand-alone creative strategy process and action plan for your brand is $3,000.00 for businesses of one. And $8,000.00 for businesses with more than one decision maker and more than 3 employees.   

I offer Retainers Packages if you decide to partner with me beyond stratgey. 

If you just need strategic advice without the creative, you can book a session 


Moves that consider your unique place in this world.
Moves that consider your ideal client’s desires.
Moves to create the right message in the right places.
Moves to ensure your business and marketing decisions align.
Moves to attract opportunities, revenue, and recognition.

With over 30 years of experience, my strategic branding and marketing offerings mean that when your brand strategy, visual identity, and marketing align toward the same goal, your moves become intentional, your competition becomes irrelevant, and your success becomes inevitable.

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