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Do you feel stuck on where to take your brand next?

Consider having a clearly defined roadmap to know where to put your time and energy to create profitable results.

You’ve been struggling with one or two key pieces of your brand, social media or marketing strategy. You know you could be reaching more ideal clients — but something is off. You have so many ideas and keep testing different strategies, but nothing is working.

Here’s the thing: sometimes we need an expert to come in and give us the clarity to not only see the problem, but give us the solution.

During our Brand Coaching Call, we’ll create a step-by-step Strategic Action Plan to streamline your success. You’ll leave with your most urgent and important questions answered and the clarity to start taking action now.

Investment: $280/hr! 👩🏼‍💻

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You’re working on launching or re-launching your brand and need support creating the key foundational pieces. You want to start this next chapter with confidence and the best strategy in place. You’re tired of guessing what to do next, and you want to take fearless steps to make your business both visible and profitable. A BRAND STRATEGY MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

This brand strategy coaching session is designed to get you clear, confident, and ready to grow grow & get results!

  • Core Values

  • Unique Value Proposition

  • Brand Voice

  • Ideal Client

  • Visual Identity

This is not about adapting, pretending, or hiding behind a mask—it’s about being clear, unapologetic, and natural. By working together, we can define these elements for your business, and build a brand strategy that is easy to maintain, attracts the best clients and team members, and helps you do business with integrity.

What sort of topics can we cover?

This type of consultation is best for figuring out the big picture of your brand, but I can also answer specific questions regarding an upcoming marketing campaign. Below are some examples of questions I can help you with:

  • What are my core values, and how can I communicate them to my audience?

  • What makes my business different from all my competitors?

  • Who are my ideal clients and where do I find them?

  • What are my brand voice qualities? How can I use it to my advantage?

  • What should I include in my brand moodboard and how do I make sense of it?

  • What colors and fonts are the most appropriate for my brand?

  • What improvements can I make on my current website so it's better aligned with my brand?

  • How can I make my marketing or teaching materials more unique and engaging?

In How does it work?

I don't believe in rehashing and recycling the same advice for everyone. You and your business are unique, and what we create together in this call will be as well.

I honor your time and I won't pitch you my services. However, if you're open for collaboration, I can make a recommendation of how I could further help you.

The consulting engagement includes:

  • Pre-work information and homework.

  • Initial coaching call (2 hours).

  • Your custom Brand Strategy document (PDF).

  • Follow-up consultation call (30 minutes).

Here's what our process of working together will look like:

  • It’s important that we understand each other. DOWNLOAD THIS GLOSSARY OF BRANDING TERMS that explains some key terms you may not yet be familiar with. 

  • We'll use Zoom to have an 2 hour video call (or audio if you prefer).
    You can register for a free Zoom account 

  • I'll be taking notes during our call, and after we wrap up, I'll create a Brand Strategy for your business, plus follow up with an e-mail containing key insights from our conversation, and action steps you can take to put it into practice.

A bonus to the brand coaching is that after you've had a chance to review your Brand Strategy, we'll meet once again. you’ll get a Follow-up coaching call (60 minutes) You'll be able to ask me any additional questions you might have, and we can discuss how you can apply this strategy in your future marketing activities, plus a discount on one of my packages if you decide to start working with me! Or you can even do the design work yourself – you’ll have the know-how after call.

Pricing and Terms 

This ($1800 value) is available to you for just $1,000. 

The price of the entire coaching engagement is $1,000 and is due in full 24 hours after you contact me to schedule make your booking, to assure your coaching date. Cancellations with more than 48 hours prior notice will be refunded entirely. Cancellations within 48 hours will be refunded, minus the $80 non-refundable booking fee. No-shows will be charged fully, as if the consultation has taken place, so please show up on time. 

If you have an emergency and need to reschedule, please let me know as soon as you possibly can. We will then reschedule your coaching session into the next available slotIn the event that I need to reschedule because of illness or other emergency, you'll be offered a choice between full refund, or booking the first available coaching session slot.

Let's do this! 👩🏼‍💻

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