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Your brands personality.

If you are using your 💁‍♀️ personal branding as a front for your 🏢 business branding and you want to go the distance, you must have a distinct sense of mission, vision, purpose, and loads of personality!  

Having a brand personality is as essential as having a brand identity. People connect with others emotionally, intellectually, and behaviorally. Your brand personality is what will evoke a powerful connection with your audience through 💁‍♀️ you and 🏢 your business.

Brand personalities can be classified as archetypes. There are 12 master archetypes, and they are useful for more than just labeling: 

People will assing meaning to you and your business based on personality. Brand Archetypes are a great way for you to ‘manage meaning’ in a strategic way.

In life, it takes a long time to get to know someone—Brand Archetypes are shortcuts that enable you to create an image that sets your brand apart from the competition by instilling your humanity into your mission, vision, and values — they are psychological cheat codes that paint a picture of the universal expression of behavior, communication, and emotion.

If you're stuck or overwhelmed 😫 with your brand personality — that's not on you! Don't question your ability or your understanding – it's all the jargon, all the corporate examples, and conflicting information that's been thrown at you! It's not helpful when all you see are differing definitions, annoying acronyms, and examples about Apple and Nike!

🙋‍♀️​I’m here to make sense of all this madness in a way that makes sense to YOU!​

"I believe real people are easier to relate to rather than the brands like "Apple and Nike or fictional characters used in all the other brand archetype wheels out there." 

I created a FREE DOWNLOAD OF MY BRAND ARCHETYPE GUIDE that highlights each archetype, using real people so that you can not only learn from them you will find inspiration for your brand as well! 


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