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A strategist strategizes. A designer designs. A marketer markets.

A dyslexic thinker like me can see the big picture and deliver the whole package.



🔴  Founder | Creative Director

🔴  Hybrid Brand Strategist 


🔴  Identity Designer 


🔴  Creative Marketer  

🔴  Dyslexic Thinker

Strategy and Creativity are literally in my DNA.

 Hi, I'm Helene Abrams, and I was born with Dyslexia. I grew up in a time when very little was known about dyslexia, so I struggled a lot in school. Recently, neuroscience has discovered that dyslexia is not a handicap but a genetic difference in which dyslexics are wired to see things differently. The way our brains process information is now called “Dyslexic Thinking.” 


Dyslexic Thinking

My unique way of thinking is connected to how I process information. My brain assesses information and approaches problem-solving that involves pattern recognition, spatial reasoning, lateral thinking, and interpersonal communication. I think in pictures, and as the pictures grow, I connect the dots and process more concepts—  giving ideas a new spin. This also allows me to quickly see past unnecessary details to gain a strategic, much faster way of coming up with perspectives and solutions most would never think of. 



 The things that make life a little more difficult can also become our greatest gifts. 

Like most child dyslexics, I turned my “disadvantage” into my strength by using my creative mind and problem-solving skills to overcome my learning difficulties. 

After graduating high school, I went on to earn my degree in graphic design and advertising (from one of the top design schools in the world  Pratt Institute -where I graduated on the Dean's List ), and I've been doing it professionally ever since.

The years of failing at grade school taught me early on that when people said something was impossible; I shouldn’t believe them. This created a mindset in me of “Why not try a different way?” 

Because of my experience, I have a unique mindset that helps my clients avoid the stress of uncertainty as I hold their dreams for them while they go through the process of being BRANDED.   

I consider it an honor to get to use my unique DNA to help others claim their unique value, share their gifts, connect with their dream clients, and create the life they were born to live! 

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